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YEAR 7249

Welcome to Ya'ohsharal Academy 

It brings us delight that YA'OH has lead you to our authentic Ghabaray educational platform. We are an Abayonaym community (pronounced: ab-ay-o-naym; known in scholarly literature as the "Ebionites") who keep the commandments of YA'OH and teach the ancient Hebrew language correctly pronounced as: Gha-bar-ay


Our doctrine and language studies are based on early scriptures such as the Dead Sea Scrolls with paralleled attested pronunciations and records of events from numerous nations as well as historical artifacts. 


We teach all levels, first covering the foundations: Athath (Ghabaray alphabetic script), phonetics, ancient vowel recognition system, grammar, conjugations, parsing, as well as reading for comprehension of Thorah and Thaiodah (Torah and Testimony) in the Pure language of Ghabaray - the Set Apart Language.  


Intermediate and advance classes and scripture studies are led by Ya'ohdah Ban Dor. Learning with us continues to be a joyful experience both for the students and teachers. We are happy to help you on your journey and may YA'OH bless you and your families in the diaspora. Shalom.


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