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Ya'ohsharal Academy offers the best tools for learning the original scriptures. We have friendly, supportive teachers who are happy to teach families and contribute towards the restoration of the diaspora. 


We offer free classes for the Children of Ya'ohsharal and devoted followers of YA'OH and His laws.               We teach the Athath (Ghabaray letters) and it's pure vowel system, which is known today in scholarly circles as "Matres Lectionis". You will be able to learn the Thorah (Torah) in it's original written script and spoken language, Ghabaray. You will be given the opportunity to read, speak and listen to Thorah and Thaiodah in the original tongue with full meaning, parse including your favorite Mazamor (Psalm). We have creative students who have gone on to make beautiful recitations of the scriptures in their forefathers tongue.


We hold our classes via Zoom call every Shabath, which happens to be sunrise Saturday to sunrise Sunday. If you wish to learn the authentic scriptures written in Ghabaray, please fill out the form below and we will get back to as soon as possible.  

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