What does OMPP mean?

Only Middle Passage People

Defined as: Anyone of any color or phenotype whose ancestors survived the infamous Middle Passage during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade from 16th-19th Centuries.

Are all OMPP the descendants of Ya'ohsharal (Israel)?


To be Ya'ohsharal you must have a PATERNAL ancestor wh came off the slave ships. (You are what your Father is : Numbers 1:18)


What if a person only has MATERNAL ancestral ties with OMPP?

Then that person is NOT counted as one of the tribes of Ya'ohsharal and they cannot claim to be one of our tribes; but he/she is still related to us and can dwell with us just like "the mixed multitude" whom left Mastraym (known today as Egypt) with us in the year 1497 BC (Exodus 12:38). Those had a mother that wasn't a bath (daughter) of Ya'ohsharal but not a father of Ya'ohsharal (Leviticus 24:10). Technically, they are "strangers" but if they choose to dwell with us, they can and MUST follow Thorah ( keep YA'OHs/ our laws)

Can strangers who are not OMPP on their mothers nor their fathers side join?

Learning the Thorah is open to ALL persons genuinely seeking after YA'OH with a pure heart. They can still dwell with us as long as they keep YA'OHs laws/our laws. We follow Thorah and the stranger must also follow Thorah.