A Conversation between Us and St. Jerome (347-420 AD).

St. Jerome: So how would I write HIS NAME in Latin so that I may know how to pronounce it correctly? I'm still very much a beginner at learning Hebrew. Us: You should write it with the Latin letters: IAHO. St. Jerome: Oh really!? But for us Latin-speakers the letter "H" is a silent letter if its not the first letter of a word. Us: We know. Your language got that from ours. Our language is the oldest language. St. Jerome: Wow! So you mean HIS NAME is pronounced YA'OH? Us: You damn right. SOURCE: Jerome, Comm. in Ps. 8.2, CCL 72.191: "Nomen Domini apud Hebraeos quattor litterarum est, iod, he, vau, he: quod proprie Dei vocabulum sonet, et legi potest IAHO." His Name is YA'OH Always has been. Always will be.

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