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Updated: Jan 12

Zachar-Ya'oh (Zechariah) 10:8-12 "I will hiss for them and I will gather them: For I have rescued them, and they will increase like they increased. And I have sown them among the nations, and in far off distances, and they will remember me, and they will live with their children, and turn again. And I will bring them out of Matsraym, and out of Ashor I will gather them, and to the land of Galaid and to Labanon I will bring them, and not will it be found for them. And he will pass through the sea of affliction, and he shall smite the waves of the sea and he will cause all the depths of the river to dry up, and it will be brought down the pride of Ashor, and the scepter of Matsraym will depart. And I will empower them in YA'OH, and in my name they will walk, says YA'OH." Once you understand that the prophet wrote these words in the 6th century BC after the historical kingdoms of Matsraym (Egypt) and Ashor (Assyria) were long gone and a thing of the past, then you will understand that Matsraym and Ashor in this prophecy is referring to the land of pyramids in the New World (i.e. the Americas). No way around it. Now if Matsraym and Ashor in this prophecy are symbolic of the Americas then Galaid (Gilead) and Labanon (Lebanon) in this prophecy are symbolic too. This has to be the case because when it is time to actually go back to the promised land we will re-occupy and fill out the entire land. The whole nation will not be squeezed and crammed into the confined areas of Galaid and Labanon! So the literal Galaid and Labanon are not meant in this prophecy. These are symbolic for the wilderness, which is a small area, where YA'OH is gathering His remnant. It is a group of islands in the far east where YA'OH has caused His name to return into the world by the hand of a Ravenous Bird. The pride of Ashor will begin to be brought down, and the sceptre of Matsraym will begin to depart, once the remnant of YA'OH starts leaving the Americas and moving to the wilderness. Look up the meaning of the words Galaid (גלעד) and Labanon (לבנון) and you will get an accurate description of the wilderness where YA'OH is causing His remnant people to go. Galaid means "hilly, stony, beaches made of stones and rocks of sand," and the word Labanon means "whiteness." The Philippines is hilly and white rocks and white sandy beaches are everywhere. This is the Galaid and the Labanon of the prophecy. This is where YA'OH is alluring His people to go according to Hoshai (Hosea) 2:14. Watch the video breakdown of this passage of scripture.

The valley of Ghachor (Achor) is here, symbolically, as well according to Hoshai 2:15. The literal valley of Ghachor obtained its name because the fierceness of YA'OH's anger was turned away from our people at that place (Joshua 7:26). The wilderness archipelago in the far east is where the fierceness of YA'OH's anger will be turned away from our people, finally. There will be no more curses pursuing them once they migrate to the wilderness and there they will begin to blossom into a powerful nation capable of reclaiming the promised holy land when the time is right. It is time for the remnant of the tribes of Ya'ohsharal to leave the Americas. It is time to stop talking endlessly about our plight, and talking endlessly about the need to build real institutions for our people but never building them. We were not Brought By Ships to the Americas to be improved, or to share in the American dream, but to be punished by YA'OH. His anger burns against His people for as long as they remain in those lands (Jeremiah 17:4). Thus we must leave and build elsewhere. The wilderness YA'OH has prepared for His people awaits. His name is YA'OH. Always has been. Always will be.

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