There was never a king of the Neo-Babylonian period named Belshazzar son of Nebuchadnezzar as is stated in the Book of Danay'al (Daniel) chapters 5, 7, and 8. So modern European biblical critics dismiss the Book of Danay'al as a historical fiction written in the 2nd century BC.

Here are the kings of the Neo-Babylonian period and the chronology: 626-605 BC -- Nabopolassar 605-561 BC -- Nebuchadnezzar II 563-560 BC -- Awel-Marduk 560-556 BC -- Neriglissar 556-556 BC -- Labashi-Marduk 556-539 BC -- Nabonidus No king named "Belshazzar" here. The son of Nabonidus who was named Belshazzar doesn't solve the problem since he never became king. The truth is that Danay'al chapter 5 is talking about king Awel-Marduk son of Nebuchadnezzar II. Awel-Marduk was not his birth name. Awel-Marduk was the name he adopted when he became the co-regent king while his father the senior monarch was insane. His real name was "Belshazzar" (not Nabu-suma-ukin) and since the prophet Danay'al knew this man personally he mentioned him by his real name and not his royal name. Awel-Marduk (i.e. Belshazzar) held a feast in his last year as king. This is when the angel's hand appeared and wrote the cryptic script on the wall of the palace. Danay'al 5:8 states that the Babylonians could not read the script that was written and they could not interpret it. Only Danay'al could read it and interpret it. This proves that the script was not Akkadian or Aramaic or the Babylonians would have been able to at least read it. The script was paleo Ghabaray (Hebrew) and Danay'al translated it into Aramaic for the king and gave the explanation. YA'OH has never written or uttered a word in any other language except His own pure language. When Awel-Marduk (i.e. Belshazzar) was sent a message from Him, Awel-Marduk (i.e. Belshazzar) needed to go find Danay'al so he could translate it. You need to always keep that in mind. The original Ghabaray that was written by the angel's hand was: MANAH MANAH SHAKAL WA-PARAS.

Danay'al's Aramaic translation of this was: MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN. The interpretation of MANAH was that YA'OH had counted the years of Awel-Marduk (i.e. Belshazzar) and terminated his reign. The interpretation of SHAKAL was that the king had been weighed in the scales and found wanting. The interpretation of PARAS was that the kingdom would be broken and given to Media and Persia. The MANAH and SHAKAL parts happened immediately. Awel-Marduk (i.e. Belshazzar) was assassinated that same night by his brother-in-law Neriglissar who became the next king in 560 BC. The PARAS part did not happen immediately when Awel-Marduk (i.e. Belshazzar) was assassinated in 560 BC. It happened 21 years later when Cyrus of Persia captured Babylon and dethroned Nabonidus in 539 BC. But your 1611 English translation bible makes it seem like the death of Awel-Marduk (i.e. Belshazzar) was followed immediately by the reign of Darayosh the Mede. That's because a bunch of devils sitting on the bible translation committee of Queen James in 1611 made Daniel chapter 5 have 31 verses when it should only have 30 verses. Daniel 5:31 in the Queen James Virus translation is really Daniel 6:1. The 1611 KJV is satan's handiwork. It gives all of his children the ammunition they need to criticize and trample on the scriptures. Because churches and groups like ISUBGay (isupk) do not know history and are hooked on idolatry they only end up furthering satan's agenda instead of setting the record straight.

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