Beyond the land which He gave their fathers

Yaram-Ya'oh (Jeremiah) 3:18

In those days will walk the house of Ya'ohdah with the house of Ya'ohsharal and they will come together out of the land of the north beyond (עַל) the land which I gave as an inheritance to their fathers.

The preposition עַל in this verse has multiple meanings. It can mean upon, in, on, over, by, for, with, beyond, through, throughout, or against. It is translated as "to" in Yaram-Ya'oh 3:18 in English bibles, but this is incorrect. This translation creates a false prophecy that a day is coming when the houses of Ya'ohdah and Ya'ohsharal will come together and exit a northern land where they are exiles and go straight from there "to" the promised land. That is not what the prophets tell us we should expect to happen in the last days. The prophets tell us that a remnant of all the tribes of Ya'ohsharal will exit the lands where their ancestors were shipped as slaves during slavery and gather themselves in the wilderness (Hoshai 2:14; Ezek 20:35) prior to returning to the promised land. That wilderness is a group of islands in the far east where the sun rises (Yashai-Ya'oh 24:15-16; 41:1-2). It is the place where the NAME above all names is being proclaimed to the world again after centuries of absence, confusion, and mis-information.

It is located BEYOND the promised land. The prophet Yaram-Ya'oh tells us that the wilderness is where the remnant of Ya'ohsharal that escapes from the sword will go and find grace and rest (Yaram-Ya'oh 31:1-2). Thus the correct translation of Yaram-Ya'oh 3:18 is not "to the land" but rather "beyond the land" which YA'OH gave to their forefathers. We are living in that day now. YA'OH is waking His people up and causing them to prepare to exit the land of the north (i.e. North America) and from all the other lands in the New World where their ancestors were shipped as slaves during the trans-atlantic slave trade. He is bringing them to the wilderness BEYOND the land that He gave their ancestors, but they will eventually leave the far east and re-take the promised land when the time for their wilderness experience has ended.

SAPARAD ZONE 1: North America Ya'ohdah Gad Yashshachar Dan Ashar Shamaion Ra'oban Banyamayn Zabalon

NAGAB Zone 2: The Caribbean Aparaym Manashah SHAPALAH Zone 3: South America Napthalay

The 13th tribe of Loay (Levi) is primarily in Zone 1 but also scattered among all the tribes in all three zones.

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