Forgive your enemies?

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

You've often heard that we are supposed to love everyone and forgive our enemies no matter who they are and no matter what they did. This is a distortion of the truth. It makes it seem as if what Doayd did in this Mazmor (Psalm) that he wrote, and others like it, was wrong. But it is not wrong to wish destruction upon an enemy and to pray for it. The "enemies" we are to forgive and try to resolve differences with are those people keeping the Covenant like we are. These "enemies" are not outsiders trying to violate YA'OH's name and His Covenant and His people. These "enemies" are people from your own nation with whom you have had a falling out with, but they are committed to serving YA'OH and keeping His laws just like you. That's who you are to turn your cheek to, not to the wicked oppressor looking for ways to destroy you. Let's look at two examples.

For the first example, let's say you come home one day and you see a man raping your wife. Do you say: "Hey brother, its ok. I love you. Take your time. I'll come back in about three hours and let you finish, how's that?" Is that what you do? No. You kill that man and save your wife and your family. That man was wicked. It does not matter if he is one of your own people or not. You do not forgive him. Now for the second example, let's say you loaned a significant sum of money to someone. He promised to pay it back by a certain date. That date comes and goes and he's nowhere to be found. He's dodging you. He's not picking up the phone. He's ignoring all of your text messages. If that man is a stranger, and not one of your people, has offended you and made himself your enemy. You do not have to forgive him. He is not your people. You should continue demanding he repay the loan. But if that man is one of your own people you could continue to harbor ill-feelings about that brother who made himself your enemy, or you could leave him a message saying: "Look brother, forget about the money. What's more important to me is that we stay brothers and serve YA'OH together like before. If you can't pay me back today that's fine. Take your time but don't avoid my calls. Let's work it out". Now that brother responds, expresses his shame, explains why he doesn't have the money, and he is REPENTANT. This is the "enemy" you are to forgive.

The "enemy" that you are to love and to forgive is the one from your own people who loves YA'OH but who has wronged you in a way that it can be fixed. His sin is not unpardonable wickedness and he is REPENTANT. Thus the matter can be resolved.

As for the wicked, the day is coming when YA'OH's remnant will turn back to Him and love Him with their whole heart and keep His laws and then He will do for them what He did for Doayd, which is slap the teeth out of all of their enemies.

KOMAH YA'OH hoshayaino ala'ayno!

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