It's just a name? Doesn't matter how you say it? No one knows it?

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Thorah 3.24.16 (aka Leviticus 24:16)

wa-nakab sham YA'OH moth yomath ragom ya-ragamo bo chal ha-ghadah cha-gar cha-azrakh ba-nakabo sham yomath wa-nakab (conjunction + active participle)

- "and the one who bores through"

sham (masculine noun)

- (the) "name"


moth (infinitive, basic stem)

- "dying"

yomath (3pms imperfect, passive of the causative stem)

- "he will surely be caused to die"

ragom (infinitive, basic stem)

- "stoning"

ya-ragamo (3pmp imperfect, basic stem)

- "they will surely stone"

bo (preposition + 3pms pronominal suffix)

- "in him"

chal (masculine noun)

- "all"

ha-ghadah (definite article + feminine noun)

- "the congregation"

cha-gar (preposition particle + masculine noun)

- "so the stranger"

cha-azrakh (preposition particle + masculine noun)

- "so the one rising from the race"

ba-nakabo (infinitive + 3p pronominal suffix) - "when he bores through"

sham (masculine noun)

- (the) "name"

yomath (3pms imperfect, passive of the causative stem)

- "he will be caused to be put to death" "And the one who bores through the name YA'OH, dying he will surely be caused to die; stoning they will surely stone in him all the congregation; so the stranger, so the one rising from the race. When he bores through the name he will be caused to die."

One obviously cannot brake this law if the name is not supposed to be known. Clearly it is supposed to be known, uttered, feared, and revered by the people of Ya'ohsharal (aka Israel). If the name can be pronounced any way you choose then it is just an ordinary word with no special significance at all. If it is a holy and set apart name then its pronunciation is critical and it must not be changed no matter what language a person speaks. When you utter THIS NAME it must be uttered CORRECTLY, and there are not multiple correct ways, there is just one correct way. If you unknowingly mispronounce His name, of course you are not culpable. You don't know. But if you knowingly mispronounce His name you are culpable. It is deliberate disrespect. If your name is "John" and someone calls you "Joanna" to make fun of you that is an affront to you and to your name. It is an offense that can be forgiven between people. But if this is done with the name above all names that offense will not be forgiven. The person offending the name YA'OH must be put to death. It is not just a name.

His name is YA'OH

Always has been. Always will be.

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