Learning Pronominal Suffixes

Pronominal suffixes in the Pure Language of Ghabaray are possessive or objective pronouns appearing at the end of nouns, prepositions, and also at the end of the accuastive marker for the definite direct object of a verb. When appearing at the end of nouns, they are possessive, as in "his fathers," or "his father," or "our father." At the end of a plural noun like "fathers" the suffix will almost always start with the letter Ya. But at the end of a singular noun the Ya is used to create a construct and is not part of the pronominal suffix. The letter Ya is the picture of a hand. So think of the Ya as being the hand of the noun that grabs the pronominal suffix. These three examples will help to illustrate the point so that you can begin to understand how to recognize pronominal suffixes.