To Take Or Not To Take, The Vaccine. That Is The Question.

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Does this image offend you? It's meant to if you are under the spell of false teachers such as the ones from this group. For those keeping the commandments of YA'OH in His Thorah, the issue is not whether the Covid-19 vaccine is safe or not. It may very well be perfectly safe. That is not the issue. For us the issue is that the vaccine is made from material we are commanded not to put into our bodies according to Leviticus 11 (the whole chapter) and Leviticus 17:11. The Covid-19 vaccine is made in part from the flesh of aborted human fetuses (click the link), fetuses by the way that come in large part from the descendants of black slaves in America.

A responsible leader and teacher of Thorah would tell you the INGREDIENTS of a vaccine and what Thorah has to say about it, whether it is lawful to put those ingredients into your body or not. He would not tell you to take the vaccine and don't worry about the ingredients because you should only fear the "Lord" and not man. That advice is the advice of an ignorant and naive child who drops his ice cream on the dirty ground and then picks it up, kisses it, and then holds it up to the sky believing that the "Lord Jesus" will clean it for him so he can continue eating it. Or Pastor Pork-Chop who prays to his "Lord Jesus" over a pork dinner and then thinks its clean. You who keep the commandments would not eat pork. Neither would you inject anything made from pork into your bloodstream. Would you? Don't be led by any simpleton whose education level does not exceed that of a child in the third grade. If you are Ya'ohsharal, you do what YA'OH commands us to do. His name is YA'OH Always has been. Always will be.

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