So What's The Plan?

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Ya'oh-khazak-al (Ezekiel) 37 The bones rattle and come together (verse 7) (this is your awakening in the land of pyramids in the New World where you were shipped to as slaves, and your Exodus out of those lands, and your gathering together in the wilderness in the far east where the sun rises and where the name YA'OH is being proclaimed by a Ravenous Bird) The bones are connected by sinews (verse 8) (you establish a tight-knit community in the wilderness where the Laws, Statues, and Commandments of Thorah are kept and enforced) Flesh comes over the bones (verse 8) (you establish businesses that create multiple revenue streams in order to fund the growth of the community into a vibrant city which has all of the institutions necessary to service the needs of your own people, all owned and operated by you) Skin comes over the flesh (verse 8) (just as skin protects the body, you've now become so economically prosperous, both in terms of land and livestock ownership, that you require your own armed security and standing army to protect your institutions and the great wealth you are amassing) Breath comes into you (verse 10) (you are now fully restored and ALIVE, a righteous and holy people, because you now have HIS ROKH in you, and you have the tabernacle rebuilt, and you have the holy Ark of the Covenant in your possession once again) You stand up upon your feet as an exceeding great ARMY (verse 10) (when you stand to your feet your army will be so great it will strike fear and terror into the hearts and minds of the gentile nations who could not foresee nor fathom your sudden and meteoric rise to power, or its geo-political implications) You go home to your own land (verse 12) (you are now ready to leave the wilderness as a powerful and mighty nation, and you will by force of arms re-take the holy land in the Levant that YA'OH swore to give to your fathers as an everlasting inheritance) The gentile nations of this world have their own agenda and their own idea for "their" New World Order. But you will show what a New World Order is really supposed to look like when you become the head of the nations and you are the one telling the nations what they can and what they cannot do, and where they can and where they cannot go.

If these things do not happen then YA'OH has not spoken by me.

His name is YA'OH Always has been. Always will be.

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