Updated: Jul 3, 2020

1. Only ONE person is the almighty ala’aym, creator of heaven and earth, and His proper name is YA'OH. He is the only ala'aym we pray to and serve.

2. The Book of YA'OH is the Thorah written by Mashah, and the thaiodah books that meet the standards of the Thorah (i.e. not contradict Thorah in anything, invoke the name YA'OH, and quote His words).

3. Ya’oh-khanan the immerser was a prophet like Mashah because he is Al-Ya’oh (Elijah) literally.

4. The messiah is only a man. He is a creation of YA'OH. He is a man from heaven, the captain of YA’OH’s host who appeared to Ya’ohshai ban Non (Joshua). He was sent from heaven to be born human in 6 BC and he now has two biological human parents. Ya’ohsap (Joseph) from the paternal bloodline of king Doayd became his biological father. Ya’ohshai ban Ya’ohsap is the man whom Ya’oh-khanan/Al-Ya’oh pointed out publically as the messiah. He did not die for sins and we do not pray to him. Nor do we pray to the Father in his name, ever. He is just our brother in the exact same way king Doayd is our brother. Ya’ohshai ban Ya’ohsap will be our king and the respect we showed king Doayd is the same respect we show the messiah. Nothing more. Just about everything the Greek New Testament and Paul the Herodian say about Ya’ohshai ban Ya’ohsap is untrue.

5. All the promises YA’OH made to the children of Ya’oh-shar-al are irrevocable and will be fulfilled.

6. The curses recorded in Thorah reveal who the true nation of Ya'ohsharal is. The blessings recorded in Thorah reveal what tribes the people of Ya'ohsharal belong to.

7. There will be a resurrection of the righteous and of the wicked at the end of the world.

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