The Fall of Ancient Babylon

Updated: Feb 27

This is what the ancient and majestic city of Babylon once looked like.

And this is what it looks like today.

Question: When did the city of Babylon become a permanent desolation? Yaram-Ya'oh (Jeremiah) 50:3 "For there comes against her people from the NORTH. It will make her land for a desolation, and none will be dwelling in it. From man and unto animal, they will remove, they will depart". This prophecy uttered in the 6th century BC tells us that the ancient city of Babylon would become a total desolation and nothing would live there anymore ever again. When did this happen? It did not happen all at once, over night. It happened over a long span of time. It began with the invasion of the Medes-Persians from THE NORTH according to Yaram-Ya'oh 50:9 and 51:11. Here is the chronology: Mede-Persian period: 539 BC to 331 BC Greek period: 331 BC to 150 BC Parthian period: 247 BC to 224 AD Sassanid period: 224 AD to 651 AD The Medes-Persians did not destroy the city of Babylon. They invaded in 539 BC and took control of it. The Greeks did not destroy the city of Babylon. They invaded in 331 BC and took it away from the Medes-Persians and ruled it. The Parthians did not destroy the city of Babylon. They invaded in 150 BC and took it away from the Greeks and ruled it. The Sassanids did not destroy the city of Babylon. They invaded in 224 AD and took it away from the Parthians and ruled it. The city of Babylon existed all throughout this period from 539 BC down to the end of the Sassanid Empire. The city was inhabited by man and by animal until the Muslim conquest in the mid-7th century AD. That is what finally brought the city of Babylon to an end. From the time of the Muslim conquest the city became ruins. It was a source of bricks used to build cities from Baghdad to Basra. It's life was finally over and it has never been inhabited by man or by animal ever since. It was not a single overnight invasion that brought the city of Babylon to an end. It was a series of invasions by NORTHERN peoples spanning several centuries. There was more than one "spoiler" (Yaram-Ya'oh 51:48) involved. Why is this important to know? Because there are those who will tell you "Jeremiah" is a false prophet because Cyrus did not destroy the city of Babylon in 539 BC. But that is not what the prophet said would happen. There are also those from the ISUBGay (aka isupk) camp who will tell you "Jeremiah" wrote a lengthy prophecy about the city's impending doom in chapters 50-51, but then God changed His mind about it and called the whole thing off! This is ignorance and stupidity taught by grown men who never graduated from high school. Another reason you should know the truth is because the ravenous bird prophesied in Yashai-Ya'oh (Isaiah) 46 does not come until AFTER the city of Babylon has been desolated and its ancient religious cults terminated according to Yashai-Ya'oh 46:1-2. That means the ravenous bird could not come prior to the Muslim conquest in 7th century AD. Thus, the ravenous bird is not Cyrus of Persia. If I'm lying may YA'OH, the man of war whom I serve, the Maker of heaven and earth, strike me dead -- today. The ancient city of Babylon took centuries and a series of invasions by northern nations before it finally came to an end in the mid-7th century AD. However, the daughter of Babylon (i.e. America) will come down suddenly in just one day according to Yashai-Ya'oh 47:9 and Khazon (Revelation) 18:8. His name is YA'OH Always has been. Always will be. EXODUS 2023

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