The Vineyard in the Wooded Mountain



"Until power will be poured upon us from on high, and the WILDERNESS will be a vineyard, and the vineyard will be reckoned a wooded mountain" (Yashai-Ya'oh [Isaiah] 32:15).



"Is it not a little while, very short, and LABANON will turn to a vineyard, and the vineyard will be reckoned a wooded mountain?" (Yashai-Ya'oh [Isaiah] 29:17). These two scriptures are nearly identically worded and obviously related. Thus, the second scripture cannot be talking about literal Labanon (Lebanon) where Beirut is today. Both scriptures are talking about the second wilderness where the remnant of Ya'ohsharal will collect themselves after they begin to leave the lands of their enslavement in the New World where they were brought by ships during slavery. The word "Labanon" means "whiteness" and this word is used to signify that the second wilderness location is a place known for its white stone (cf. Khazon [Revelation] 2:17). This is an important clue as to the exact whereabouts of the second wilderness. But what does it mean, the Wilderness/Labanon will be a vineyard (כרמל) and the vineyard will be reckoned a wooded or forested mountain (יער)? Let's keep reading the rest of Yashai-Ya'oh 32 to find out.


"And judgment will dwell in the wilderness, and righteousness will remain in the vineyard" (Yashai-Ya'oh [Isaiah] 32:16).



"And the righteous work will be shalom, and righteous service will be quietness and security always" (Yashai-Ya'oh [Isaiah] 32:17).



"And my nation will dwell in a habitation of shalom, and in secure dwellings, and tranquil resting places" (Yashai-Ya'oh [Isaiah] 32:18).


"Even when it hails falling down, the wooded mountain and in the low place, it will fall beneath the city (Yashai-Ya'oh [Isaiah] 32:19).


"Blessed are you, the ones sowing beside all waters, the ones sending forth the foot of the ox and the ass" (Yashai-Ya'oh [Isaiah] 32:20).

The picture painted here by the prophet Yashai-Ya'oh is communicating to us that the wilderness will be a place where both judgment and righteousness dwell. That means a commandment-keeping zone will be established. It will be a place of shalom and total security for the remnant who relocate there. Even when hail falls down on the mountain, it will fall beneath their city according to verse 19.

A city? Yes, a city. The remnant will build their own city in the second wilderness and their city will be a fruitful vineyard situated in the elevated heights of wooded mountainous terrain. They will plant fields there and sow them besides abundant water sources, and they will own their own livestock.

Right after our ancestors left the house of bondage in ancient Matsraym in 1497 BC, YA’OH instructed them (through Mashah and Ahran) to set up their wilderness camp in a unique way. Their encampments were to take the shape of a square city, with three tribes residing on each side. The same thing will happen again in the second wilderness which is a wooded mountainous archipelago with white stone beaches everywhere. This is to be the temporary dwelling place of the remnant of Ya'ohsharal until they are ready to leave the wilderness and re-take the promised land which lies between the Euphrates River and the River of Matsraym. How do I know the second wilderness is an archipelago in the sea?



"Keep silent before me islands, and the people will renew strength! They will approach. Then they will speak together: 'For judgment let us come near!'" (Yashai-Ya'oh [Isaiah] 41:1).

The only reason the Ala'aym of Ya'ohsharal would be telling a group of islands to be silent before Him so that His people can renew strength is because that archipelago is the second wilderness where their strength will be renewed. This group of islands is ordered by YA'OH to let the restoration of His nation take place in their country. The people will come and they will come to keep the commandments of YA'OH. How do I know this archipelago in the sea is none other than the Philippine islands located in the far east?



"Therefore, in the fires glorify YA'OH, in the islands of the sea, the name YA'OH the Al of Ya'ohsharal" (Yashai-Ya'oh [Isaiah] 24:15).

The word translated "fires" (אורים) refers to the sunlight that shines from the far east. It is the ultimate origin of the word "orient". This verse is a command to the remnant of Ya'ohsharal that they must glorify YA'OH in an archipelago of the sea in the far east. This is a direct order, not a suggestion. There is only one archipelago of the sea in the far east where the name YA'OH has been re-introduced to the world by YA'OH through a ravenous bird and where that name is now being proclaimed by the same ravenous bird, and that is the Philippines. This is the place of the second wilderness. It is where POWER will be poured out from on high upon the remnant of YA'OH and they will be revived as a nation - wealthy, prosperous, and mighty.

Christianity and its Greek New Testament has taught the world a sordid collection of lies. The power from on high did not fall upon all flesh in the 1st century AD as the Book of Acts 2:16-21 written by the gentile physician Luke would have you believe. The story Luke spins is a complete fabrication that never happened. The power from on high prophesied by Ya'oh-al (Joel) 2:28-32 does not fall upon "all flesh" until the remnant of Ya'ohsharal gathers itself into the second wilderness. "All flesh" refers to all the members of this second wilderness gathering who call upon the name YA'OH.

Just as the First Covenant was not made until after the nation of Ya'ohsharal exited Matsraym and set up camp in the first wilderness, the New Covenant will not be made until the remnant of Ya'ohsharal exits the lands of their enslavement in the New World and sets up camp in the second wilderness:



"Thus says YA'OH, it found grace in the wilderness, the nation escaped of the sword, when I went to cause it to rest, Ya'ohsharal" (Yaram-Ya'oh [Jeremiah] 31:2). Christianity has people skipping over this verse and jumping straight to verse 31, as if the New Covenant comes without a second wilderness experience for Ya'ohsharal. This is a lie because the Greek New Testament is a lie. There will be no New Covenant until YA'OH gathers His remnant, those escaped of the sword, into the second wilderness. That is where they will find grace. Not before. Mount Tsayon (Zion) is the "woman" who flees to this second wilderness. She is "allured" into going there by YA'OH:


"Therefore, behold, I am the one alluring her, and I will cause her to go to the wilderness, and I will speak upon her heart" (Hoshai [Hosea] 2:14). How does He allure her into going? Through a voice calling in the second wilderness, and because the place He has prepared for Her is literally a paradise filled with beauty. It is a place where she will have HER OWN fruitful vineyards:




"And I will give to her her vineyards from there, and the valley of Ghachor for a door of hope, and she will sing there as in the days of her youth, and as the day she came up from the land of Matsraym" (Hoshai [Hosea] 2:15).

The valley of Ghachor (Achor) was the place where YA'OH turned away from the fierceness of His anger (Ya'ohshai [Joshua] 7:26). This is why the second wilderness is a "door of hope". It is because the curses of Deuteronomy 28 will no longer pursue the nation. In the second wilderness there is only blessing. There is no more wrath or curse. No more oppression and no more exploitation. YA'OH will now aggressively defend His nation and He will rebuild it.



"Feed your nation with your rod, the flock of your heritage, which dwells isolated in the wooded mountain, in the midst of a vineyard. They will feed - Bashan and Galaid - as in the days of old" (Maycha [Micah] 7:14).

The prophets keep repeating that the remnant of Ya'ohsharal will take up residence in a wooded mountain where there will be a fruitful vineyard. This is the second wilderness where the nation will be fed and nourished back to health. It's strength will be completely renewed there. Bashan and Galaid where the places in the holy land best suited for livestock and cattle. They are mentioned here because the remnant of Ya'ohsharal will possess their own livestock in their vineyards way up in their set-apart wooded mountainous city. They do not come to mix and to assimilate. They come to set themselves apart and to dwell solitarily (cf. Numbers 23:9).

The nations of the world will witness their transformation in the second wilderness, how they will amass wealth and power in a short amount of time, and the nations will be dumbfounded:



"The nations will see and be confounded at all their might. They will put the hand upon the mouth. Their ear will be deafened" (Maycha [Micah] 7:16).

This has always been His plan. He brought all of you by ships to the land of the pyramids in the New World to fulfill the curse of Deuteronomy 28:68, but He has always had an exit strategy in place for His remnant. He has always had a plan to redeem you and to fix you and to put you on top of this world where you rightfully belong as His peculiar people. His name is YA'OH Always has been. Always will be. EXODUS 2023

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