Their Hair Is Like The Hair of Women

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

The Book of Khazon (aka Revelation) was originally an Ebionite book composed in Ghabarayth (Hebrew) during the middle of the 1st century AD. However, the book in its current form is an altered Greek composition, tampered with by Pauline Christians who wanted to bring the book in line with Paul's idolatry doctrine. Yet the Pauline revisions and interpolations are easy to spot and surgically remove. The book is thoroughly steeped in the prophecies of the Thorah and thaiodah and echoes them. In this article we will examine how the book amplifies the enigmatic words of the prophet Ya'oh-al (Joel). First, let's define what a prophetic "month" can mean according to the prophetical writings.

"And I disowned three shepherds in one month, and my soul reaped them, and also their soul loathed me" (Zachar-Ya'oh 11:8). This whole 11th chapter in Zachar-Ya'oh (Zechariah) is predicting the final days of our nation's existence in the holy land under the rule of the foreign Herodian "Edomite" rulers. Herod the Great became king when he captured Yaroshalam (Jerusalem) in 36 BC and 65 AD is when the last Herodian was ousted by our people. From the year 5194 (36 BC) to the year 5294 (65 AD) was exactly 101 inclusive years. During this 101-year period, three shepherds were "disowned," meaning their rule was terminated in their lifetimes and they did not finish out their lives as kings. This happened to three Herodian dynasts in the 101 years of their rulership: 1. Herod Archelaus (3 BCE - 6 AD) who was deposed and banished to Vienne in Gaul. 2. Herod Antipas (6 - 39 AD) who was deposed and banished to Spain. 3. Herod Agrippa II (48 - 65 AD) who was ousted in 65 AD by our people and then he turned against us and helped the Romans in the war of 66-70 AD. In other words, the prophecy "I disowned three shepherds in one month" in Zachar-Ya'oh 11:8 means that "one month" is symbolic for the period of 101 years of foreign Herodian Edomite rule over us in our land from 36 BC to 65 AD, and during that time three Herodian dynasts were ejected from power. Fast forward to the 16th century AD: "What is left of the GAZAM ate the ARBAH, and what is left of the ARBAH ate the YALAK, and what is left of the YALAK ate the KHASAYL" (Ya'oh-al [Joel] 1:4). Four types of the same bug (locust) are presented. They are people from the north who devour the nation of Ya'ohsharal in successive swarms. The only historical period where the details of the Book of Ya'oh-al match up is the age of European Expansionism and Discovery after the smoke of the Dark Ages cleared, which then led to the triangular trade, aka the infamous transatlantic slave trade. There were exactly four locust bugs that were the main actors in the transatlantic slave trade according to their language category. Gazam = West Iberian (Spain & Portugal) Arbah = West Germanic (British & Dutch) Yalak = Gallo-Romance (French) Khasayl = South Scandinavian (Danish) These four locust groups began tormenting Only Middle Passage People (OMPP) with the first slave voyage to the Americas directly from Africa in 1519 after King Charles I of Spain, ruler of the Holy Roman Empire, authorized the transatlantic slave trade in his 1518 charter. Edomite (Adomay) chiefs in West Africa are the ones who sold their OMPP slaves to the locusts (Obad. 13-14) which ended up becoming the largest forced migration in human history.

Portrait of Charles I of Spain, ruler of the Holy Roman Empire

During the years 1519 and 1868 the distribution of slaves shipped by the locusts directly from West Africa to the Americas during 27,233 slave voyages was 56% for the West Iberians, 30.1% for the West Germanics, 13.6% for the Gallo-Romance, and 0.3% for the South Scandinavians. Hence the arbah ate after the gazam, the yalak ate after the arbah, and the khasayl ate after the yalak. More detail about these locusts from the north (Europe) are provided by the Book of Khazon. These locusts have ...

hair like women,

they have teeth like lions,

they have breastplates of iron,

... and the sound of their wings is like the thundering of many horses and chariots rushing into battle.

and they have a king over them who is the angel of the deep, and whose name is Abaddon (destroyer). This symbolic language is nothing other than an allusion to the transatlantic slave trade which was the KING TRADE from which America and the kingdoms of Europe derived most of their vast amounts wealth. The triangular trade took the lives of millions of OMPP slaves who jumped overboard the slave ships, or were tossed overboard, and descended into the deep abyss of the Atlantic Ocean during the many trips across the infamous Middle Passage.

The prophecies vividly predict the rise of white European world domination which was made possible by technological superiority. These locusts have been given power to torment the people for "five months" (Rev. 9:5, 10), but this figure of "five months" is obviously symbolic for "years" and cannot mean a literal 150 days according to Ya'oh-al (Joel) 2:25. The locusts are active for years not days. So how long is the symbolic "five months" if years are really meant? As we have seen, the Herodian Edomites once enjoyed a "one month" (101 years) period of dominion over Ya'ohsharal in their own land from 36 BC to 65 AD. The locusts from Europe obtained OMPP slaves from elite African Edomite chiefs in West Africa who set the terms of the trade. Thus, "five months" is: 5 x 101 = 505 years. 1519 to 2023 is 505 inclusive years. What happens at the end of 505 years?

His name is YA'OH Always has been. Always will be.

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