Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Zachar-Ya'oh (Zechariah) 5:9-10

I'm showing you what the above text of Zachar-Ya'oh 5:9-10 actually conveys in the source language. Your Queen James Virus translation, and every other filthy English translation, hides the truth so you cannot clearly see what the grammar is doing.

The prophet saw two women with the wind in their wings, but they are also described as men with wings, and when the prophet asked the messenger to where they were flying, the prophet referred to them as men, not as women.

The gender keeps flipping because the prophet was not actually seeing women or men. The vision concerns machines. The prophet foresaw air travel and air transportation. He saw airplanes. Machines are inanimate objects and do not have actual gender, but they can be described as female or male, or both. The word "ship" (אניה) in our language is feminine (ships have always been considered female by default) and the word for "carrier vehicle" (מרכב) is masculine. Let this sink in.

The aypah basket represents the situation the woman (i.e. the tribes of Ya'ohsharal) is currently in, in the lands of her captivity in the Americas, where she was shipped during the trans-Atlantic slave trade. She is trapped inside of her condition and covered with a lid made of heavy led. Nothing she does of her own can undo her condition. And wickedness is inside the basket with her.

The woman inside the aypah is flown to Shanair which means "that which is nascent" (combining the contracted relative pronoun ש with the noun נער). This word was used by the flood-survivors to name Mesopotamia after they migrated from the ark's landing spot in the mountains of the far east (Genesis 11:1-2). So the Ghabaray word Shanair came to Mesopotamia from the far east. That is where the woman is being airlifted to in the vision. She is being flown to the far east. The aypah measure is not large enough for an adult woman to fit inside. So this incongruent detail tells us something else: only a remnant of our nation will actually be transported to "Shanair" in the far east. Once they have been transported to their destination their situation will change drastically and they will no longer be trapped inside the basket. They will be established on their own base and they will prosper and increase, in righteousness. #EXODUS 2023

Summation: You, OMPP, were brought to the land of pyramids in the New World during slavery in carrier ships that sailed the high seas. This was your punishment (Deu 28:68). But your Exodus will involve carrier ships that will fly you high in the skies up above. These modern airplane ships will airlift you and bring you to the wilderness in the far east which is the nascent origins of man. It is the same place where the name YA'OH is being proclaimed by a Ravenous Bird.

His name is YA'OH

Always has been. Always will be.

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