What Day Is Today?

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

What's been missing in the awakening of OMPP is direction and a clear picture of what we are supposed to do next. Are we supposed to be content with reclaiming the identity of being "Israelites" and stay put where we are in the Americas pretending we are keeping the laws, statutes, and commandments, when that is impossible to do, and wait for UFOs to come down and save us? Absolutely not.

It is time to grow up and get with the program which has been laid out in detail for us by the prophets.





The day to build your fences, that is the day the decree will be put far off. It is that day; and against you will He come by reason of Ashor and the cities of the pyramid, and by reason of the pyramid and unto the river, and sea from sea, and mountain from the mountain. It will become the land of desolation on account of its inhabitants from the fruits of their doings. Maychah (Micah) 7:11-13 The phrase גדריך "your fences" in verse 11 refers to the border fences of the enemy territory within which the captivity of Ya'ohsharal resides in the last days. The nation of Ya'ohsharal was shipped from west Africa to the land of pyramids in the New World during the trans-Atlantic slave trade, fulfilling the curse of Deuteronomy 28:68, and the chief land in the New World, as well as the most power nation in the whole world, is the United States of America.

The nation's first comprehensive border security agency, the so-called U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), with its focus being to maintain the integrity of the boundaries and ports of entry of the United States, was only created recently on March 1, 2003. After the Sept. 11 terror attack, President George W. Bush signed the Secure Fence Act of 2006 authorizing the construction of 850 miles of border fencing. Donald Trump's plan for a border wall during his 2016 election campaign may not have been a new idea (it has actually been pursued for about a century with shoddy results) but his plan was the first promise ever to build a concrete barrier along the entire southern border between the U.S. and Mexico.

The fate of Trump's wall is now uncertain and his original plan will not be realized. Even if he had delivered on his original campaign promise, as new and higher walls get constructed, underground tunnels get deeper, and there are always planes. There will always be ways to get across. Thus, the Democratic president-elect Joe Biden has stated that, while he would not tear down the barrier Trump has been able to build thus far, he would not expand it any further.

Now notice carefully what the prophecy in Maychah 7:11 states: "The day to build your fences, that is the day the decree will be put far off". This is exactly what we have witnessed with our own eyes during the Trump presidency. His decree to build a wall has been put far off. Despite Trump's pledge on the campaign trail in 2016 that Mexico would pay for the wall, Mexico has not paid one Mexican peso for the wall. It is the US government that has spent billions of dollars to expand and reconstruct Trump's fences. Then verse 12a states: "It is that day; and against you will He come..." This prophecy is telling us that when the decree to build the wall is put far off, that will be "the day" when "He" will come against "you", i.e. YA'OH will come against the United States. The rest of verse 12 likens the country to "Ashor" (ancient Assyria) and it delineates the geography as a vast area with a מצור "pyramid" being its focal point: "...by reason of Ashor and the cities of the pyramid, and by reason of the pyramid and unto the river, and sea from sea, and mountain from the mountain".

The word מצור (matsor) means "pyramid". It is the singular form of the word מצרים (mastraym) which means "pyramids" plural. What's the connection? The U.S. Capital City is Washington DC named after the first American president George Washington. The ground plan of the city was designed by the French architect and engineer Pierre Charles L'Enfant (1754-1853) who was commissioned by George Washington in 1791 but was replaced in 1792 with surveyor Andrew Ellicot. The streets of DC were laid out so that they radiate outward from the two main hubs, the White House and the Capitol building. The plan was designed so that the cross-section of the Great Pyramid of Giza would exist on the map.

Other Masonic symbols are embedded into the design as well, but the geometrical pattern of the Great Pyramid is by far the most important. The United States of America is prophetic "Ashor" (Assyria), because Ya'ohsharal was taken captive there. It is also prophetic "Matsraym" (Egypt) because it is a land of pyramids and pyramid-mounds built by the indigenous natives, and because the first president of the United States commissioned architects to embed the design of the Great Pyramid of Giza into the layout of the streets of the capital named after him. What the prophet Maychah is so clearly telling us is that YA'OH is coming against the United Sates of America because it has behaved as "Ashor" (Assyria) with His people. The "cities of the pyramid" refer to all the cities of the United Sates of America with DC as its capital. The phrase "the pyramid and unto the river" means from DC to the heart of the country at the Missouri river. The phrase "and sea from sea" covers the whole length of the country from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean ("From sea to shining sea!"). The phrase "and mountain from the mountain" covers the rest of the country's mountainous geography. YA'OH is coming against the ENTIRE country on account of its deeds, especially with respect to His people, and according to its borders which Trump pledged but ultimately failed to fence up. As per verse 13, it has been determined by YA'OH that the United Sates of America is to be turned into "the land of desolation on account of its inhabitants from the fruits of their doings". Any rational minded person coming into agreement with this conclusion would not need to be told what they should do next -- Get out! What day is today? It is the day for the awakened remnant of Ya'ohsharal residing within the borders of the United States, and in the rest of the New World, to pick themselves up and get out ASAP and migrate to the wilderness. This is "that day".

The prophet even describes the land where they will be going.



Shepherd your nation with your rod, the flock of your heritage, the one dwelling in solitude of wooded heights, in the midst of Charamal. Let them feed, Bashan and Galaid, as in the days of old. Maychah 7:14

This is not the promised holy land in the Levant. If מצור "pyramid" and אשור "Ashor" in this prophecy are referring to the United States of America then כרמל "Charamal" (Carmel) is symbolic as well. This has to be the case because when it is time to actually go back to the promised land the remnant of Ya'ohsharal will not be squeezed and crammed into the small area of Mount Charamal.

The word כרמל means "fruitful, garden-land". The country in the far east where the sun rises, and where the name YA'OH is being proclaimed to the world, is exactly that. It is paradise. It is also known for its "wooded heights". This is where the remnant of Ya'ohsharal will gather and "dwell in solitude" (separated) until the time comes for them to leave the wilderness and reclaim the land YA'OH swore to give their fathers for an everlasting inheritance. Contrary to the English 1611 Queen James Virus translation, the last phrase in verse 14 does not read "let them feed in Bashan and Galaid". There is no preposition "in" in the Ghabaray (Hebrew) text. Bashan and Galaid in this prophecy represent the remnant flock. They are to be fed, i.e. nourished, in the wilderness out of the reach of their enemies in the west. This is what we should be doing. If your current teacher is not telling you that the prophets foretold that the people of YA'OH would awaken in the lands of their captivity in the west and then exit those lands and move to the wilderness in the far east, and build themselves up there into a strong nation, you need a new teacher.

YA'OH is going to rebuild His nation and make it the most powerful nation the world has ever seen, but He is not going to transform His people within the lands where He shipped them to be punished. Those lands are doomed. It is time to leave them. #EXODUS2023

His name is YA'OH

Always has been. Always will be.

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