Why is Tyre still here?

Updated: Feb 6

Submerged Egyptian harbour of Tyre with modern skyline.

Ya'oh-khazak-al (Ezekiel) 26:19 "For thus says Lord YA'OH: When I will make you an abandoned city, like the cities that are not inhabited, when I will bring up the deep upon you, and great waters cover you..." The city of Tyre, against whom these words were spoken by YA'OH thru His prophet in the 6th century BC, is still here and still inhabited to this day. Christians and bible critics want you to believe God changed His mind and threw His prophet under the bus by letting him look like a fool in writing THREE huge chapters (chapters 26-28) about the fall of Tyre that never happened.

The truth is that Ya'oh-khazak-al (Ezekiel) never once explicitly states that the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II (605-562 BC) would be the one to destroy Tyre permanently. He said many nations would come against Tyre, like successive waves of the sea come against the seashore (26:3). Nebuchadnezzar II from the north was just the first wave to hit Tyre. He was not supposed to be the first AND the last wave. Today, Tyre's main source of income is fishing. That is exactly what YA'OH said Tyre would be reduced to by Him. He has stripped it of all of its former greatness. YA'OH said so by the prophet in 26:14. So for the city to become a place where the only thing really going on there is fishing, and that's it, that means the city has YET to be completely destroyed and completely depopulated like it says in 26:19. Yes or no? Tyre is not supposed to be completely wiped off the map until after the time YA'OH has been sanctified in His people by gathering them (to the wilderness!) in preparation for their permanent return to the promised land. Says so at the very end of the three-chapters long prophecy about Tyre in 28:25-26. But before Tyre is completely depopulated and abandoned for good, it will experience 70 years of being "forgotten". America, the daughter of Tyre, as well as being modern-day Assyria, Babylon and Egypt, will go through very hard times at the same time (5th and part of the 6th vials). At the end of these 70 years Tyre will experience a great economic revival and once again conduct maritime trade with the nations of the world. She will "return to her hire" like before. But this time the wealth and the merchandise she heaps up will be taken away from her --- by Ya'ohsharal. The reason why the Book of Khazon 18 (aka the Book of Revelation chapter 18) alludes so extensively to the prophet Ya'oh-khazak-al's mercantile description of Tyre in "Ezekiel" chapters 26–28 is because America and Tyre share the same fate, and for the same reasons. America did to OMPP what the ancient city of Tyre did to their ancestors. They both got rich by human trafficking the people of Ya'ohsharal back and forth over the high seas. My people, the OMPP diaspora in the New World, the God who made you and chose you to be His, He does not forget, and He does not go back on His word. His name is YA'OH Always has been. Always will be. EXODUS 2023 Last question. Who is the one king that will reign 70 years, somewhere, at the same time Tyre is being forgotten about for 70 years (Yashai-Ya'oh 23:15)? Where are all you bible prophecy experts at? Step forward. Ravenous Bird

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