Yashai-Ya'oh (Isaiah) 53 Correctly Translated & Explained

may ha'amayn la-shamaithno Who caused-to-believe to-the-report-of-us? wa'zaroai YA'OH ghal may nagalathah and-the-arm of YA'OH upon who has-it-been-revealed? (the arm of YA'OH is His righteous remnant according to Isa. 51:9) wA-yail cha-yonak lapanay-o and-grew-up-did-he as-a-suckling before-Him (Not "he shall grow up"!) wa-cha-sharash ma-arats tsayh and-like-a-root from-earth dry la tha'ar lo No beautiful-form to-him wa-la hadar and-no majestic-splendor wa-nara-ho and-we-saw-him (Not "when we shall see him"!) wa-la marah and-no appearance wa-nakhamadah-o that-we-will-desire-him (jussive + pronominal suffix) nabazah a-despised-one wa-khadal ayshaym and-rejected of men aysh machaboth a-man of sorrows wa-yadoai khalay and-knows-he anxiety wa-cha-masthar panaym mamano and-like-one-which-are-hidden faces from-him nabazah a-despised-one wa-la khashabno-ho and-not we-considered-him achan khalayno ho' nasha' Surely the-anxiety-of-us he-lifted-up wa-machabayno sabalam and-sorrows-of-us carried-he-them wa-anakhno khashabno-ho nagoai and-we considered-him a-stricken-one machah ala'aym beaten of ala'aym wa-ma-ghanah and-from-afflicton wa-ho' ma-khalal ma-pashaino and-he is-one-wounded because-of-our-transgressions madach' ma-ghonathayno one-bruised because-of-our-punishments mosar shalomno ghalay-o correction of peace-our is-upon-him wa-ba-khaboratho narap' lano and-in-his-stripes healed-were us chal-no cha-tsa'an thaiayno all-us like-sheep strayed-have-we aysh la-daracho panayno a-man to-way-his turned-have-we wa-YA'OH hapgayai bo ath ghon chal-no and-YA'OH entreat-He-caused in-him the-punishment of-all-us nagash wa-ho' nainah he-was-oppressed and-he is-one-afflicted wa-la yapathakh payo and-not will-he-open mouth-his cha-shah la-tabakh yobal like-a-lamb to-slaughter was-he-caused-to-be-brought wa-charakhal lapanay gazazay-ha na'alamah and-like-a-female-sheep before shearers-of-her is-one-dumb wa-la yapathakh payo and-not will-he-open mouth-his ma-ghatsar wa-ma-mashpat lAkhakh from-prison and-from-judgment he-was-taken wa-ath doro may yashokhakh and generation-his who will-talk? chay nagazar ma-arats khay'aym for he-was-cut-off from-the-land of-the-living ma-pashai ghamay nagai lamo because-of-the-transgression of-my-nation a-plague at-him wA-yathan ath rashaiaym kabaro and-he-gave the-wicked grave-his wa-ath ghashayr ba-mothayo and the-rich in-DEATHS-his ghal la khamas ghashah because no-cruelty did-he wa-la marmah ba-payo and-no treachery in-mouth-his wa-YA'OH khapats dacha'o and-YA'OH pleased-He-was bruised-was-he hakhalay grief-He-caused-to-ME (Not "he hath put him to grief"!) am thashaym asham napasho if you-put guilt soul-his (Not "when you make his soul an offering for sin"!) yarah he-will-see zarai ya'araykh a-seed prolonged-will-it-be yamaym wa-khapats YA'OH ba-yado yatsalakh days and-the-pleasure of YA'OH in-hand-his proper-it-will ma-ghamal napasho yarah from-the-travail of soul-his see-he-will yashabai ba-daitho satisfied-he-will by-knowledge-his yatsadayk tsadayk ghabaday la-rabaym righteousness-he-will cause righteous servant-of-me for-many wa-ghonotham ho' yasabal and-the-punishments-of-them he carry-will-he lachan aKHAlak lo ba-rabaym Therefore, divide-I-will him with-the-great wa-ath ghatsomaym yakhalak shalal thakhath and-with strong-ones divide-will-he booty below ashar hairah lamoth napasho which poured-he-caused to-death soul-his wa-ath pashaiaym namanah and-with transgressors numbered-was-he wa-ho' khat' rabaym nasha' and-he sin-of-many lifted-up-did-he wa-la-pashaiaym yapagayai and-for-transgressors intercession-he-will-cause The arm of YA'OH is His people who remain loyal to Him. We were already introduced to "him" in the 51st chapter and verse 9. Thus, the "he" and the "him" is a collective throughout this prophecy and not a single individual. They suffer because the rest of the nation breaks the commandments. Notice the prophet writing this chapter includes himself in the suffering. Yashai-Ya'oh is also one of the "he". You cannot say all of these things in this chapter have happened to just one man. The "he" in this prophecy experiences several "deaths" not just one. These things have and are happening to a group of people. That group of people is making intercession for the rest of the nation (with their prayers like Danay'al [Daniel] did in Dan. chapter 9). The messiah is a member of this suffering servant group but this chapter was never talking about a man dying "for" sins. This group is dying "because" of the sins of the nation. Without this group of righteous people there would be no nation of Ya'ohsharal worth saving at all. They are the reason the nation is still here and why it will be saved and rejuvenated and put on top of the world. There is only one savior.

His name is YA'OH Always has been. Always will be.

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