You favor your forefathers

Lachaysh (so-called Lachish) is a city of Yaohdah (Judah) mentioned several times in the Bible. European scholars believe it is the same place as Tell ed-Duweir (coordinates 31°33′54″N 34°50′56″E). This is the incorrect location. Be that as it may, the Assyrian king Sennacherib (705-680 BCE) attacked the city of Lachaysh and took the Yaohdaym living their to Assyria as captives. He also had a scene carved up on walls of his palace which illustrates this event so that he could boast about his conquest. It shows without a shadow of any doubt that the ancient Yaohdaym were Negroid people with broad noses, thick lips, and kinky hair.

Modern archaeologists have found skulls at Tell ed-Duweir which date from this exact period when Sennacherib attacked our people in the 8th century BCE and all of those skulls are Negroid and identical to skulls of people from UPPER EGYPT and NUBIA. I post here the profile of one of our people depicted on the Lachaysh relief that Sennacherib made but one should also consult the journal article entitled "Bioarchaeological Analysis of Cultural Transition in the Southern Levant Using Dental Nonmetric Traits" published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology 128:466-476 (2005).

Tell ed-Duweir is still one of our cities in the land and the Yaohdaym who lived there were indistinguishable from black Nubians in Africa. We are not Nubians but we look similar to them and our skulls are the physical anthropological evidence which is further corroborated by Sennacherib's carved relief.

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