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The Kingdom of Cotton

Early cotton farming in the United States is synonymous with the history of slavery in the United States. It was cotton, and the slaves who planted and picked it, that generated the massive amounts of wealth which propelled the United States into the position as one of the leading economies in the world. To grow, pick, gin (remove seeds) and bale the cotton took a great deal of hard manual labor. So large numbers of OMPP slaves were purchased in order to do this work. The industry was given a boost with the invention of the Cotton Gin in 1793 which increased the demand for slaves. Everyone in this painting below by E. Degas showing the New Orleans Cotton Exchange is wearing cotton, courtesy of OMPP slave labor. To this day, even after slavery, cotton is an important economic factor in the United States. Although the United States currently ranks third behind China and India in the production of cotton, the United States of America is the leader, worldwide, in cotton exportation. A $25 billion-dollar-per-year industry in the United States of America, and not one penny of it has been put into the pockets of the people who were forced to provide the free labor which gave birth to the industry in the first place. The word for linen in our language is שש / ShaSh. Linen comes from the natural fiber producing flax plant. Cotton is different from linen, but it is from a natural fiber producing plant as well. שש is a rough, rigid, textured fabric. Cotton is a softer, smoother fabric. There is no word for cotton in modern Hebrew. The Israeli Jews simply borrow the English word "cotton" and call it a day. The only biblical Ghabaray word that makes sense as a description of cotton is the word ששכ / ShaShaCh, which is simply שש plus the כ letter. The final letter is often a proclitic preposition particle prefix when comparisons are made in a sentence, but given that ששכ is a proper noun the terminal letter כ would be an enclitic preposition, i.e. "linen like". The cotton plant was known in ancient Mesopotamia but it was not cultivated in Babylon. In other words, no one was walking around in cotton garments in Babylon even though cotton was known to them. Nevertheless, a prophet of the people of Ya'ohsharal named Yaram-Ya'oh (aka Jeremiah) was inspired to call Babylon's daughter, the one to be destroyed by the people she enslaved in order to become rich, the name ששכ in Yaram-Ya'oh 25:26 and 51:41.

European Christian commentaries have no idea what the word ששכ means or why Yaram-Ya'oh would use that word to describe Babylon. These commentators have even gone so far as to say that, because they can't make sense of it, it must not have been what the prophet originally wrote and some later editor must have inserted it! The Jews on the other hand believe ששכ is a cypher for the word "Babel" but this is a silly, nonsensical argument. If the prophet used a cypher to disguise the word "Babel," why does he use the actual word Babel elsewhere in the prophecy?

Are you beginning to see what I see? You should. There really is no big mystery about the word ששכ once the target audience of the prophet has been correctly identified. The problem is that the people who have been translating and interpreting YOUR BOOK while you've been asleep and suffering curses are not the people who wrote the book. Nor are they the book's intended target audience.

Yes, the prophet was not just talking about the fall of ancient Babylon, which took place when Arab Muslims turned Babylon into an uninhabited ruin in the 7th century CE. The prophet was also talking about the fall of the United States of America, the inheritor of the mantel of ancient Babylonian supremacy. She is the world's strongest nation, the last nation to enslave and to oppress the chosen people, and therefore she is de facto the daughter of Babylon. The prophet knew this nation would become the Queen of cotton at the expense of his people who would be brought to the New World, the land of pyramids, by slave ships and remain uncompensated for their hard labor on the cotton plantations. He knew this because someone told him.

His name is YA'OH
Always has been. Always will be.


They smile in your face

"Who will give me, in the wilderness, a lodging-place of travellers; that I might abandon my own race and get away from them! For all of them be fornicators, an assembly of backstabbers. And they cause their tongues to tread down, their false bow, and not for truth are they strong in the earth. For from evil to evil do they go, and me they do not know, says YA'OH" (Yaram-Ya'oh [Jeremiah] 9:2-3). The prophets never waste their words. You need to pay extremely careful attention to every word they say in their own native tongue. Yaram-Ya'oh was not just talking about a "wilderness" for no reason, or simply for poetic effect. He was telling you the future. He was telling you about the days we are living in now and the difficult choices you will have to make in order to put YA'OH first. It's a sad but true reality that the remnant is not just exiting the lands of their captors in 2023 to get far away from their captors, so that they may return wholeheartedly to their deity, to keep the covenant He made with our fathers, to build His tabernacle, and to flush westernized social engineering out of their system. All that is true, but they are also going to the wilderness to get away from their own kind, who in many ways are just as bad if not worse than their captors. It's one thing to be a battered wife without enough damn sense to leave the damn house, it's another thing when members of your own race and family are part of the problem as the backstabbing crabs in the bucket pretending they care about you when its really only themselves they care about. Not only do you need to get out of that man's house where the trauma took place, you need to get away from your own people. The ones closest to you can do you the most damage and keep you from doing what your Rock commands you to do. You will be all hyped about the kingdom and then after they get thru talking to you, after they get into your head, you done changed your mind completely. YA'OH? Who He? "A man from his own race be very careful you all! And about every brother don't you all trust. For every brother, supplanting will he supplant, and every kinsmen of the race, a tale bearer will he go" (Yaram-Ya'oh 9:4). Tale bearing will he go... But I can't leave my wife! She has my kids and she aint gon let me take them wit me cuz she not commin'. So the wilderness can't be far away in the Philippines. It must be here in the white man's Amerikkka and f__k what a ravenous bird say. He a false prophet misleading the flock! Roger that

His name is YA'OH
Always has been. Always will be.


Why You Mad?

Jeremiah 15:10 Gog-asian Queen James Version 1611

"Woe is me, my mother, that thou hast borne me a man of strife and a man of contention to the whole earth! I have neither lent on usury, nor men have lent to me on usury; yet every one of them doth curse me."

Yaram-Ya'oh 15:10 Correct OMPP version 7250

"Woe to me! My Mamma! For you have given birth to a man of strife, and to a man of contention to all the earth! Not have I lent money charging interest, and not have they lent money charging interest in me anything! They the ones trashing me."

The prophet Yaram-Ya'oh is here speaking as if he is the entire nation of 13 tribes, as if the nation is one man, who simply can't get a break. He experiences strife and contention in all the earth. He can't lend money to anyone and collect interest on a loan. He's broke. Neither can he borrow money from anyone and pay interest on a loan. He's not solvent and he has no assets to put up as collateral. Yet the people who don't take out loans from him, and don't lend him a dime, are the ones trashing him. Their hatred makes no sense until you realize that YA'OH, the unseen deity who made heaven and earth, is the one who is causing people to put him down and to demoralize him for no valid or logical reason at all. They have no legitimate cause for what they are doing, but He does.

There is only one people in the whole world who fits this description today, just one, and they are mad at a hammer as if a hammer swings and hits by itself. It don't. But when and where does it stop?

His name is YA'OH
Always has been. Always will be.


They hate the ravenous bird

I been busy. On account of the deity who called me to proclaim His name, and who I serve, I now literally have hundreds of students and thousands of followers. Doesn't sit well with some OMPP, even to the point where they will run from me like Forest Gump to avoid a public debate and then say anything to mislead and persuade people from learning under me.

Take for example something as basic as whether the word אלהים (pronounced ala'aym; but elohim according to the Jewish Tiberian dialect of the convert Masoretes) is a collective noun or not. There are some uneducated and self-taught individuals who want you to think the authors of the Hebrew Bible plagiarized from Canaanite-Ugaritic cosmology. They want you to believe the deity of the ancient Ya'ohsharalay (so-called Israelites) was a junior member of a consortium of Canaanite gods elevated to senior status by the Ya'ohsharalay. One of these illiterates, an enemy of the name YA'OH, and a member of the so-called Paradigm group pushes this nonsense on Facebook. But the sources he uses convict him. So, here's how I crucified him, again, upside down with his own source.

The grammar book of Paul Jouon and Takamitsu Muraoka (2006) never once calls the word אלהים a "collective noun" (a group of things or beings treated as a whole). Anyone saying otherwise is simply ignorant. When אלהים is grammatically linked with verbal forms, or other inflected parts of speech, in the plural, it is a numerical plural noun. When אלהים is grammatically linked with verbal forms, or other inflected parts of speech in the singular, it is a non-numerical plural noun.

The co-authors Jouon-Muraoka list, at least, six kinds of non-numerical plural nouns in the Hebrew Bible. These are: 'composition', 'extension', 'excellence/majesty', 'intensity', 'abstraction', and 'generalisation' [§136:a-j]. Jouon-Muraoka are in agreement with what Gesenius' Hebrew Grammar [§124a-s] has already stated over a century ago. Gesenius never put אלהים in the category of a "collective noun," and neither do Jouon-Muraoka.

Although there is no "we of majesty" (1st person plural) in Biblical Hebrew, the plural excellentiae/majestatis, which is a variety of the abstract plural noun, does exist. This is plainly stated in Gesenius [§124g] where he adds further: "the language has entirely rejected the idea of numerical plurality in אלהים (whenever it denotes one God)..."

The noun אלהים used in reference to a concrete single deity is not a "collective noun"; it is an abstract plural, i.e. a non-numerical plural noun of amplification and intensification.

In Jouon-Muraoka [§150e] where they list many examples of collective nouns, אלהים is not there. Moreover, the list that they give show a structure opposite to the one appearing in Genesis 1:1, where a grammatically plural noun (אלהים) is linked with a singular verbal form (ברא). In the Jouon-Muraoka list of collective nouns we find always patent collective nouns in the singular, linked with singular and plural verbal forms.

Simply put, the term אלוה is a masculine singular noun in the absolute (independent) state. It is not a "collective noun." It does not suddenly and magically turn into a "collective noun" when it is pluralized into אלהים.

Thus, anyone rendering Genesis 1:1 with the utterly absurd:

"In a beginning a consortium of gods created the heavens and the earth..."

like the monkeys over at Paradigm are advocating is not qualified to be teaching my language.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

His name is YA'OH
Always has been. Always will be.


Weak Attempts Fail

About the name of all names.

When I first began to re-introduce the divine name YA'OH and publicize it on social media I argued that the lasso glyph in the Egyptian hieroglyphics was used to represent Long-O in foreign names and I gave the examples of the foreign Greek names Ptolemy and Cleopatra. The Greek vowel letter o-mikron in these two names was render in hieroglyphics with the lasso glyph (curved rope). But some Einstein with no formal education thought I was horribly mistaken and that o-mikron in these names was not Long-O but short "ah". He then gleefully claimed victory and said the rendering of the divine name with this glyph does not mean there is a Long-O vowel in the holy name. So, here is how I crucified him upside down. Linguistically, even in Homer's day the letters o-mikron and o-mega were the same vowel. The letter o-mikron made the sound 'o' as in the words 'poke' and 'oasis.' The letter o-mega made the same sound but was lengthened and held slightly longer in time (hence the term 'mega').

In Koine Greek, which was the post-Classical Greek spoken by many of the men in Alexander the Great's army, and thus Koine Greek preceded Alexander (and also Ptolemy I) and was not "introduced" by Alexander, it was only popularized by his army, the letters o-mikron and o-mega had the same length. Length had dropped out of the Greek sound system by that time.

The above is proven by many papyri where Koine Greek writers in antiquity repeatedly interchange these two letters in the same words. So we know these were not accidents.

The letter o-mikron (pronounced 'oh-mikron' and not 'ah-mikron') was never an "ah" (alpha) vowel sound, despite the wrong information in William D. Mounce's book "Basics of Biblical Greek" which has infiltrated the internet and Wiki-stupid articles. This is why real scholars do not rely on Google or Wiki.

Let's prove o-mikron is not the same sound as "ah" by using an example from the pagan Greek New Testament.

In Revelation 4:8, the four living creatures say:

Ἅγιος ἅγιος ἅγιος κύριος ὁ θεὸς ὁ παντοκράτωρ

'Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty'

The Greek masculine adjective ἅγιος / agios, spelled with o-mikron, means 'holy.'

Now if you pronounce this adjective as AGI-ah-S with an "ah" sound in the terminal syllable instead of "oh", then the gender of the adjective becomes feminine, and what you end up with is a situation where the four living creatures in Revelation 4:8 are calling the Creator a female goddess three times!

I'm here all week.

His name is YA'OH
Always has been. Always will be.


They Don't You Do

They don't vote for you. You vote for them.

They don't compete and win medals for you. You win medals for them.

They don't play on your teams. You play on theirs.

They don't work for you. You work for them.

They don't fight wars for you. You fight and win their wars for them.

They don't stand for your flag. You don't have one. You stand for theirs.

They don't sing your national anthem. You don't have one. You sing theirs.

They don't send their kids to your schools. You send yours to theirs.

They don't speak your language. You don't either. You speak theirs.

They don't worship your god. Neither do you. You worship theirs.

They don't visit your country. You're homeless. You cling to theirs.

They don't beg for your acceptance. You beg for theirs.

They don't fight to keep you here. You literally fight to stay where you are not wanted and where you do not belong in the first place.

They don't care if you don't like them. You care if they don't like you.

They went to war over taxes to be free and create their own country. Your idea of freedom is staying in their country and paying them taxes.

They said give me liberty or give me death. You said give me cracked corn and I don't care.

Nothing you have done since you were brought there by ships in the 16th century has taken you off this road and off this merry-go-round.

Nothing you do ever will, not until you leave and do exactly what He tells you to do.

His name is YA'OH
Always has been. Always will be.


The Drums of War

Imagine a land in the not too distant future where YOU call all the shots. Where YOU make all the rules. Where YOU decide who comes and who goes. Where the judges are all YOU. Where the justice system is YOURS. Where the army is all YOU. Where YOUR kids never go missing ever again. Where no one dares to even look at YOU sideways. No more discrimination of YOU. No more oppression of YOU. No more gentrification of YOU. No more police killings of YOU. No more BS of any kind against YOU because YOU are in charge now, and YOU will be the master of everybody who is not YOU everywhere else in the world -- forever.

Listen To This!

Isaiah 48:16 - 1611 Queen James Version "Come ye near unto me, hear ye this; I have not spoken in secret from the beginning; from the time that it was, there am I: and now the Lord GOD, and his Spirit, hath sent me."

This verse is utilized by Christians in connection with Genesis 1:26 to say that "Jesus" was one of the "us" who created the world and man. This, of course, is not true. Yashai-Ya'oh 48:16 - correctly parsed and translated קרבו.אלי.שמעו־.זאת.לא.מראש.בסתר.דברתי.מעת.היותה.שם.אני.ועתה.אדני.יהוה.שלחני.ורוחו karabo alay = come you all near to me shamaio za'ath = listen this la ma-ra'ash = it is not from the beginning ba-sathar dabarthay = in a hiding place/shelter I do speak ma-ghath hayothah = for a time it is to be sham anay = there (am) I wa-ghathah = but now adanay YA'OH = Lord YA'OH shalakha-nay = He sent me wa-rokho = and His power/force "Come you all near to me. Listen to this! It is not from the beginning. In a shelter do I speak; it is to be for a time. There I am. But now, Lord YA'OH has sent me and His force." The man in this verse was NOT around in the beginning of the world. The infinitive construct "hayothah" in the basic stem means "it is to be", not "it was". This verse is not talking about the messiah who came and died in the 1st century to save his abayonaym (ebionite) movement from being crushed out by the Romans.

It also is not saying the messiah is the co-Creator of the world. There is no such thing as a co-Creator. There is but one, and only one Creator, and His name is YA'OH.

It is also not "the Lord God, and his Spirit, hath sent me". This is incorrect. The subject of the verb "sent me" is 3rd person masculine singular not 3rd person plural. YA'OH sent the man and YA'OH sent His power/force with that man. It does not say God and His Spirit sent the man, as if there is a trinity where God and His Spirit are two people who send a third person. There is no such thing as a trinity. YA'OH is one person, one man, a singularity not a triune deity. He is one, not multiple persons.

So who is this verse talking about? It is talking about the man who is sent to initiate and lead the Exodus from modern Babylon according to verses 20-22. This is his message and this is his preaching that he will be preaching when he appears. It was written down in advance, long before he was born, and he will stick to the script that has been given to him: צאו.מבבל.ברחו.מכשדים.בקול.רנה.הגידו.השמיעו.זאת.הוציאוה.עד.־קצה.הארץ.אמרו.גאל.יהוה.עבדו.יעקב.
אין.שלום.אמר.יהוה.לרשעים. Get out you all from Babal! Flee you all from Chashdaym with a voice of singing! Declare it you all! Cause this to be heard you all! Go out you all unto the end of the earth. Say you all: YA'OH has redeemed His servant Ya'oh-ghakab!
They are not thirsty when He leads them through the wilderness!
He causes water from the rock to flow for them!
He cleaves a rock and water gushes out!
There is no shalom, says YA'OH, for them who are wicked.

The 70-year Babylonian exile of our people in the 6th century BCE did not witness a migration to a wilderness when it was over in 519 BCE. The people went straight back to the land with no detours or stops along the way. So these verses are not talking about the end of the Babylonian captivity in the 6th century BCE. These verses are talking about an Exodus from modern-day Babylon and a migration from there to a wilderness located at the end of the earth, a wilderness where YA'OH will sustain and provide for His people. All of their needs will be met and they will have peace, but those who are wicked and who are not part of this movement will have no peace.

Are you listening?

His name is YA'OH
Always has been. Always will be.


Keep Them

Keep them laughing at their own comedians who we allow them to have, and who we tell them what jokes they can or cannot say.

Keep them dancing to the music we allow them to make.

Keep them putting each other down constantly in the music we allow them to make.

Keep them killing each other in the neighborhoods we allow them to live in.

Keep them distracted by rooting for their own athletes and celebrities who we allow to become rich and famous.

Keep them poor.

Keep them from being home owners.

Keep them living in low income projects and housing developments.

Keep them from having access to capital.

Keep them going to jail in mass numbers.

Keep them reading bibles we translate into our language and we distribute.

Keep them believing in our god. It doesn't matter if they paint him black.

Keep them speaking our language.

Keep them in broken homes without a father.

Keep them dependent on narcotics.

Keep them speaking truth to power while power rolls its eyes and yawns.

Keep them tied up in our court rooms and in our legal system.

Keep them sick and dependent on the hospitals and health care professionals that only we can provide.

Keep as many of them uneducated, illiterate, and as ignorant as possible. The educated ones will be assimilated or eliminated.

Keep them belittling and objectifying their own women.

Keep their women the breadwinners in their homes.

Keep them emotionally immature and prone to overreact.

Keep them chasing false dreams by giving them a black president who is not even one of them and does not even have a drop of OMPP blood in his veins.

Keep them marching, and protesting, and believing change is still possible.

Keep them aborting their babies.

Keep them begging to be accepted.

Keep taunting them to go back to Africa (even though we don't really mean it) if they don't like it here.

KEEP THEM HERE where we can continue using them however we see fit, and enrich ourselves at their expense, just like we've been doing for the past 500+ years.


The Truth About Zombies

The U.S. military has plans of action to deal with all kinds of perceived threats, from catastrophic natural disasters to threats from people within the homeland itself. It has also devised an elaborate plan to respond to a "Zombie Apocalypse" within the continental United States. This plan is outlined in a now unclassified document titled CONOP 8888. What the Pentagon and the U.S. Strategic Command have done is use the scenario of a country-wide attack by the walking dead as a training template for how to deal with a real-life large-scale threat, not a science fiction movie threat. The CONOP 8888 document is not a real U.S. Strategic Command plan. It is designed to exhibit the preparation and thoroughness of the Pentagon and how it intends to deal with a real scenario in which Americans are put at risk by some larger than life "entity" within the country. While defense officials have always stressed that the document in no way signals that an actual "Zombie Apocalypse" is on the horizon, they have never said who the real antagonist could potentially be, nor what could be the real purpose for devising and executing such a detailed plan for something as large and as serious as zombies overrunning the United States. Allow me to help you non-OMPP heathen stranger conspiracy theorists out. The only real antagonist that the U.S. government could possibly be training for and preparing to put down within its own borders is OMPP not Netflix zombies. OMPP ARE THE REAL ZOMBIES. THEY ARE THE REAL WALKING DEAD. So get the whole flesh-eating, strutting with a limp, crash test dummy out of your minds. The word "Zombie" in CONOP 8888 is just code for the descendants of black slaves brought by ships, the same "Zombies" who freed themselves in the Caribbean in the Haitian Revolution. The code word "Zombie" is used in order to accommodate the political fallout that would occur if the general public mistakenly believes that a fictional enemy in their training scenario is actually a real plan. So the Pentagon elected to use the word "Zombie" because it is a completely impossible scenario that could never be mistaken as a real plan by any sane and rational minded person. Only noodles for brains will think this document is saying literal Zombies are coming. Still, the elaborate training manual details how far the U.S. government is prepared to go in order to neutralize a real domestic threat to America. All "Zombies" would be well advised to take heed to the directive to Strategic Command personnel that is buried within this document. This is what it says: "Maintain emergency plans to employ nuclear weapons within the continental United States to eradicate zombie hordes." Make no mistake, that is an indirect threat to OMPP living within the borders of the United States should they ever decide to organize and mobilize themselves, take up arms, and fight back. You would especially become a concern given that other minority groups, and even many Caucasians, would be more than willing to join and support your revolution. What the U.S. government did to OMPP at Tulsa was only a practice run and a dress rehearsal. If necessary the OMPP "zombie hordes" and all of their associates will be eradicated by the most destructive weapons at their disposal. It is a fact that the U.S. government has been preparing for you, and it keeps on preparing for you, even mocking you at the same time, ever since the day they took the chains off you in 1865. And now their weaponry is so far advanced you have zero chance against them on their own playing field. They have more than just the home field advantage now. Before it used to be that the sole purpose of the FBI was to "prevent the rise of a messiah who could unify, and electrify, the militant black nationalist movement" and to "prevent the coalition of militant black nationalist groups." They continue to be successful. They derailed the NOI. They derailed the Black Panthers. They derailed Grandmaster Jay (what a joke). They control Black Lives Matter (oh yes they do). It's called controlled opposition. They also currently prevent all so-called Black Hebrew Israelite identity and extremist groups from being anything but religious social clubs for adult cry babies wanting to be "Jews" and play dress up. A black messiah simply cannot rise up among OMPP in the land of the pyramids. That ship has sailed. He must stand up and rally OMPP from somewhere else - from the wilderness across the sea. #EXODUS2023

In the name of Jesus

We will never see zero cases of Fluvid-19 (ooops I mean Covid-19) just like we may never see zero cases of the "Jesus" virus coming from the lips of our beloved elders who root for us and cheer us on. They don't know any better and they won't be judged for what they do not know. The Father is merciful. It is you who know better who should be worried.

Congrats to Elaine Thomson-Herah, an OMPP daughter of the tribe of Aparaym, and theee fastest woman alive in the 100m and the 200m. His name is YA'OH
Always has been. Always will be.


A Tale of Two Cities

Yashai-Ya'oh (Isaiah) 23:15-18

Behold, the land of Chashdaym.
This nation became not.
Ashor founded it for wild beasts of the wilderness.
They set up its towers.
They stripped the palaces of it.
He put her to ruin.
Wail out loud, you ships of Tharshaysh: for laid waste is your strength.
And it will come to pass in that day, Tyre will be neglected 70 years,
according to the days of one king.
At the end of 70 years it will be for Tyre like a song of the prostitute.
Take the chanor, go round the city, oh prostitute neglected!
Cause good melodies, sing many songs so that you will be remembered.
And it will come to pass, at the end of 70 years, YA'OH will visit Tyre,
and return she will to her prostitute’s hire, and she will do prostitution
with all the kingdoms of the world upon the face of the earth.
But it will be that her merchandise and her prostitute’s hire is set apart
unto YA'OH. Not will it be treasured and not will it be laid up.
For to the ones dwelling before YA'OH will her prostitute’s hire be,
to eat to the fullness, and for splendid attire. ---------------------------------------------------- Problem #1: The Neo-Assyrians captured and ruled Chashdaym (ancient Babylonia), taking away its independence, but they never destroyed it and put it to ruin. It was never their policy to depopulate Babylon or make it cease to exist. At no point in the life of the prophet Yashai-Ya'oh (Isaiah) did Babylon ever become non-existent. Problem #2: The city of Tyre is still here and still inhabited to this day. Not even Alexander the Great’s conquest of the city could bring it to extinction. The city is not supposed to be completely wiped off the map, and never to exist any more, until after the time YA'OH has been sanctified in His people by gathering them out of the lands of their captivity and also bringing them back to their own land again. This is clearly stated by the prophet Ya'oh-khazak-al (Ezekiel) at the very end of his lengthy condemnation of Tyre (Ezekiel 26 - 28:25-26). These problems present us with two options: either Yashai-Ya'oh is a false prophet, or his prophecy is being fulfilled in ways unexpected by both Jewish and Christian commentators of the bible. According to the text, the prophet does not view the ancient Assyrians as reducing Babylon to ruins, and leaving it utterly waste and uninhabited. That never happened. Rather, the prophet views ancient Babylon as eventually coming to an end which did take place during the Muslim conquest in the 7th century AD. Then, at a subsequent date, a new version of Babylon is to be founded by Ashor, but what they establish will come to be occupied by wild beasts of the wilderness. These wild beasts are the ones who set up the towers of the new Babylon. They will also be the ones who strip the palaces of the new Babylon, and then HE will ruin it. You should already know where this is going. If you don’t --- come to class.

The United States of America is modern-day Babylon. This is not up for a debate. It was founded by the so-called native Indians. These Indians are "Ashor," descendants of Yaktan (Joktan). Yet the country they founded scarcely had any national existence until colonizers from Europe, also descendants of Yaktan, had black slaves brought by ships to its shores, slaves who produced the manpower without which the economic infrastructure and fundamental facilities of the country could not have been raised up. These black slaves are the "wild beasts of the wilderness" in the prophecy. The economic and organizational infrastructure are the "towers" they set up. At some point, these slaves will strip the country of its wealth; and then "HE," a 3rd person masculine singular entity, who can be none other than YA'OH, their deity, will turn the country into a ruin. The ships of Tharshaysh (Tarshish) were the most powerful merchant ships of old which did business with ancient Tyre. Today the most powerful merchant ships are the ones owned and operated by the United States of America. When these ships wail and howl, because America, the source of their strength, is plunged into a darkness, that is when Tyre will begin to be neglected and suffer the want of attention for 70 years. One king will commence his reign at that same point in time, and his reign will endure for the same number of years. His years as king will run parallel to the time Tyre is neglected for 70 years. At the conclusion of these 70 years Tyre will experience a re-birth and return to her former greatness and her former glory. YA'OH is going to visit Tyre and make her powerful and tremendously prosperous once again, but all the wealth Tyre will heap up during her final moments of glory will be taken away and set apart unto YA'OH. It will be put to use by His people who by now are back in their own land again.

This will be the complete end of Tyre. It will also be the end of the United States of America. The children of black slaves, the wild beasts of the wilderness, will have their revenge on both of these whores.

Forget that nonsense, historical fiction written by Charles Dickens in 1859, and pay careful attention instead to the words of the prophets of the one who is Above All.

His name is YA'OH
Always has been. Always will be.