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Startled Birds Fly

What do birds do when they are startled by a loud noise? They take off and they fly. Khag-Ya'oh (Haggai) 2:6-9

1611 Queen James Virus:

"For thus saith the LORD of hosts; Yet once, it is a little while, and I will shake the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and the dry land; And I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations shall come: and I will fill this house with glory, saith the LORD of hosts. The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith the LORD of hosts. The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the LORD of hosts: and in this place will I give peace, saith the LORD of hosts."

This translation makes the prophet a false prophet. The English translation makes it seem like the prophet is talking about the Second Temple built by Zarababal (Zerubbabel), which is the subject of verses 1-4, but verses 6-9 cannot be talking about the Second Temple. Why? Because the Second Temple was never greater than the First Temple built by Shalamah (Solomon). The Second Temple never had the glory of Ya'ohsharal which is the Ark of the Covenant. The Second Temple was also taken down and replaced with Herod's Temple. No way did the Second Temple surpass the First Temple in glory.

So verses 6-9 are either a false prophecy or the English translation in the 1611 Queen James Virus Bible is wrong and these verses are not talking about the Second Temple at all. The safe money is on the Queen James Virus being wrong because it very often is wrong.

For example, the source language does not say "I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations shall come."

It says...

"I will cause to shake all the people and THEY (plural) WILL COME, the desire (feminine singular) of all the people..."

This verse says all the people will be moved and they will come, and also something else called "the desire of all the people" will come. The "people" must be the remnant of Ya'ohsharal. What they "desire" that will also come must be the Ark of the Covenant. That's what will make the latter house they build in the second wilderness greater than the former house built by Zarababal.

Here is the corrected translation of verses 7-9:

"And I will cause to shake all the people, and they will come, the desire of all the people, and I will fill THAT house with glory, says YA'OH of hosts. The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, says YA'OH of hosts. The glory of THAT latter house will be greater than the former, says YA'OH of hosts: and in THAT place will I give shalom, says YA'OH of hosts."

The Second Temple built by Zarababal never had shalom. It always had trouble and, as I said, it was eventually dismantled completely by Herod the Great. So the house that the prophet is talking about in verses 6-9 can only be the tabernacle that will be built in the second wilderness.

When are the people moved/shaken to come?

"After YA'OH will they walk, and like a lion will He roar, for He will roar and they will be startled the children from the west. They will be startled as a bird out of Matsraym, and as a dove out of the land of Ashor, and I will cause them to be put in their own homes, says YA'OH" (Hoshai [Hosea] 11:10-11).

The children from the west are none other than OMPP brought west by slave ships to modern-day Matsraym and Ashor (i.e. North America, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America). They will be startled like birds and fly out of those lands of pyramids in the New World when they hear YA'OH roar like a lion and YA'OH will put them in their own homes in the second wilderness where they will build the tabernacle and recover the lost Ark. Flying like birds is not a metaphor. The prophets foresaw air travel.

The lion's roar that the remnant in the west hears which shakes them, startles them, and gets them moving is the NAME above all names.

His name is YA'OH
Always has been. Always will be.


Get Off The Merry-Go-Round

The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome, right? So why do our people keep doing the same things over and over and over and over and over and over?

What has attention seeking, fist raising, marching (unarmed or armed), protesting, rioting, kneeling, or street preaching ever accomplished for the masses of OMPP and their plight? Not a damn thing. Not one tangible thing. Not unless you naively believe the right to vote for people who do absolutely nothing for you once elected into office, or the right to go to the same schools, or eat in the same restaurants, and live in the same neighborhoods as the people who dominant the society and dictate all the rules, is progress. Is it? Is assimilation progress?

Assimilation is how the dominant within a society want the oppressed among them to quantify and measure progress. Because it is to their advantage not yours. The more you strive to be accepted within the society of the oppressor the more you promote and further undergird the supremacy of their system, a system which does not have nor ever will have a genuine concern or interest in you and in the well being your people as a whole. In fact, quite the opposite. You've been successfully mass brainwashed to measure progress from a position of weakness, without bargaining chips, and without leverage of any kind. You measure progress by how much money you can earn in their economy, the types of jobs they can offer you after you've finished their schools, and the lifestyle you can achieve in their society if you just work hard and play by their rules. Yet they measure you very differently, even the wealthiest of you. They measure you by how well you can entertain them, and how you can enrich them. You have no intrinsic value to them beyond these two things, and to the degree you are able to satisfy these interests is the degree to which they will allow you to participate and benefit in their society. Your "leaders" are hand-picked by them. Your leaders are actors, athletes, entertainers, and TV talk show personalities (oh yes, people with opinions that really matter!). Obama is not the descendant of slaves brought by ships. But you rallied behind him anyway not realizing how you were being carefully mass manipulated once again; duped into measuring progress by acceptance and by assimilation. And yet, Obama is not even your people on either side of his family tree. You've had your "black" president, they say, now can you please just shut up and dribble? Yes, that is what they are saying, and in many cases straight to your face. This is the merry-go-round they have had you on since the end of slavery. You are not allowed to define "progress" the same way they do, because if you do, you are a threat to their system if you stay among them. Real progress, measured by the fully emancipated mind, is total self-determination, total control of a monetary system, land ownership, total control of a judicial system, total control of production, farming, and manufacturing, total control of education, and total control of a military which will defend its people and defend the institutions they fully own and operate. Can you see the worried and horrified look on your oppressor's faces after reading the above paragraph? It's what made them bomb the Greenwood district in Tulsa before things got out of their control. And yet, all of these things I mention are things they take completely for granted -- but only for themselves and for their children. All of this is enshrined in the temple of American nostalgia they proudly call the Declaration of Independence. And what was that all about? Taxes. Taxation without representation. Not lynchings. Not Jim Crow. Not police killings. Not mass incarceration. Not gentrification. Not Tuskegee. Taxes. That's all it took for them to say give me liberty or give me death. And here you are begging them for a seat at their table instead of valuing your life and the lives of your children the same way they have valued theirs since 1776. It doesn't matter if you literally stand up for the pledge of allegiance. If you stay among them in their stolen back yard, if you live by their system, if you send your kids to their schools, if you work at their companies, if you buy their goods and services, if you play for their teams, if you keep speaking their language and you continue to embrace their culture and their religions, if you assimilate, then you are pledging allegiance whether you choose to realize it or not. Raise your fists if you want. Shout black lives matter at the top of your lungs if you want. Kneel on national TV if you want. March, again, if you want. Destroy the neighborhoods you live in but you do not own, again, if you want. None of it matters. None of it changes anything. It's just more of the same yappity-yap, and more of the same merry-go-round where you, much like a lobotomized mental patient, have been conditioned to act out like a child and to think that somehow things can change and things can be different if you just --- do it again. Around and around you go. The prophets foresaw that you would end up in this quagmire, in a strange land, and that eventually you would have to grow up and collectively make an adult decision. קומו.ולכו.כי.לא־.זאת.המנוחה. בעבור.טמאה.תחבל.וחבל.נמרץ. "Get up and get out! For this is not a resting place, because it is polluted. It will destroy you, even with a sore destruction" (Maycha [Micah] 2:10).

It is time for you to leave the plantation and gather yourselves together elsewhere and build yourselves up. It is time for you to start thinking and measuring progress the same way your oppressor does or you will continue being destroyed in that land. The Ala'aym of your forefathers has given you the potential to be not just great, but the greatest nation on earth. That is what He will make you. You just have to trust Him, TRUST HIM, obey His voice, and get off the merry-go-round.

His name is YA'OH
Always has been. Always will be.


What's The Difference?

Them: It's just a name! We believe in the same God! It doesn't matter what you call him! Stop dividing people! Wrong. Here's the difference: Yahawah, she got a son named Yahawashi who helped her create heaven and earth and everything in them.

Yahuah, she got a son named Yahushua who helped her create heaven and earth and everything in them.

Ahayah, she got a son named Yashaya who helped her create heaven and earth and everything in them.

Yahweh, she got a son named Yeshua who helped her create heaven and earth and everything in them.

Jehovah, she got a son named Jesus who helped her create heaven and earth and everything in them.

Let me be brutally honest and even offensive because its necessary. All of these are the same two dollar prostitute and her mamzar (bastard) son, just with different names. They are abominations and idolatry.

Here is the true Ala'aym, the one I serve: YA'OH, He has an innumerable number of sons, and none of them helped Him do a damn thing. He stretched out the heavens alone by Himself.

"Thus says YA'OH, your redeemer, and He that formed you from the womb, I am YA'OH, the one who made everything, the one who stretched out the heavens alone, the one who spread abroad the earth by myself" (Yashai-Ya'oh [Isaiah] 44:24).

Do you see the words "alone" and "by myself"???

When you finally understand what this means you will realize the messiah is just a man like us. He did not die for anyone's sins. Nor is he the savior of the world. He is the brother (flesh and bones) of every Ya'ohsharalay who keeps the commandments of YA'OH. Once this sinks in, you will flush that Greek New Testament down the toilet, go find Paul's grave, dig that lying Herodian Edomite bastard up, and kill him again. Then you will be disgusted in yourself for being deceived by him and that book with his name in it everywhere.

Ya'ohsharal, return to your Maker.

His name is YA'OH
Always has been. Always will be.


The Ark of the Covenant

שובו.בנים.שובבים.נאם.־יהוה. כי.אנכי.בעלתי.בכם.ולקחתי. אתכם.אחד.מעיר.ושנים.ממשפחה. והבאתי.אתכ.םציון. "Return children, the ones backsliding, says YA'OH. For I am the one married to you, and I will take you one from a city, and two from a family, and I will bring you to Tsayon" (Yaram-Ya'oh [Jeremiah] 3:14).

This prophecy never happened historically. The return from the Babylonian exile in the 6th century BC (starting in 519 BC) was not one from a city and two from a family. The refugees at that time returned in mass waves of thousands of people (cf. Ezra 2:64-67). The prophesied migration to Tsayon (Zion) one by one and two by two has never happened because it is a future event. It is talking about the Exodus of the remnant out of the land of pyramids in the New World where their ancestors were shipped as slaves during slavery. The Tsayon that is prophesied here is not the literal Tsayon which lies in ruins today. Tsayon in this prophecy is the second wilderness camp. There will not be a mass movement of people all at once to the second wilderness. Instead, YA'OH is going to cause people to move to the wilderness in very small groups, one by one from a city, and two by two from a family. That's His plan, not a televised and dramatic 1 million man march. ונתתי.לכם.רעים.כלבי.ורעו.אתכם.דעה.והשכיל. "And I will give you shepherds like my heart, and they will feed you knowledge and understanding" (Yaram-Ya'oh [Jeremiah] 3:15).

This verse proves that the Tsayon the remnant of Ya'ohsharal will go to is the second wilderness. Before the remnant can return to the promised land, they must first be renewed as a nation and fed in the second wilderness (Maycha [Michah] 7:14). So Yaram-Ya'oh 3:15 is telling us the remnant will have righteous shepherds in the second wilderness who feed them correct knowledge and understanding. No more TD Fakes, Pastor Pork Chop, and Reverend Dollar Dollar Bill. Those days will be over.

Something else will be over as well. והיה.כי.תרבו.ופריתם.בארץ.בימים.ההמה.נאם־.יהוה. לא.־יאמרו.עוד.ארון.ברית.־יהוה.ולא.יעלה.על.־לב. ולא.יזכרו.־בו.ולא.יפקדו.ולא.יעשה.עוד. "And it will come to pass, when you are increased and multiplied in the land in those days, says YA'OH, they will no more say 'the Ark of the Covenant of YA'OH,' and it will not come up upon the heart, and it will not be memorialized, and not sought for, and that will not be done anymore" (Yaram-Ya'oh [Jeremiah] 3:16).

If you read this verse according to the 1611 Queen James Virus translation, it sounds like the ark will become a relic of the past that everyone forgets about and no one will ever talk about it again. This could not be further from the truth. The Queen James Virus is simply inaccurate. What this verse is really saying is that once the remnant has increased in numbers and multiplied in the land of the second wilderness, they will find and recover the lost Ark of the Covenant. There will be no more wondering about where it could be and who has it. There will be no more need to memorialize it with drawings and illustrations. There will be no more talk about going to look for it. Those days will be over, for the remnant living in the wilderness will send out men to find it and they will find it, and it will be with the remnant forever. The game changer.

The world looks at you now as a joke. A bunch of cry baby negroes suffering from an acute identity crisis, and shouting on street corners dressed in purple sheets from Bed&Bath, or dressed like Africa Bambaata and the Village People. And you are indeed a joke right now, and you will remain one for as long as you stay in the lands of your captivity. But when you obey the voice of YA'OH with your whole heart, rid yourself of all forms of idolatry, the most pervasive being Christian Greek New Testament idolatry, and He allows you to find His Holy Ark, the world wont be laughing anymore. The world will become afraid of you, as well it should.

His name is YA'OH
Always has been. Always will be.


The Vineyard in the Wooded Mountain

עד־.יערה.עלינו.רוח.ממרום.והיה.מדבר. לכרמל.וכרמל.ליער.יחשב. "Until power will be poured upon us from on high, and the WILDERNESS will be a vineyard, and the vineyard will be reckoned a wooded mountain" (Yashai-Ya'oh [Isaiah] 32:15). הלוא־.עוד.מעט.מזער.ושב.לבנון.לכרמל. והכרמל.ליער.יחשב. "Is it not a little while, very short, and LABANON will turn to a vineyard, and the vineyard will be reckoned a wooded mountain?" (Yashai-Ya'oh [Isaiah] 29:17).

These two scriptures are nearly identically worded and obviously related. Thus, the second scripture cannot be talking about literal Labanon (Lebanon) where Beirut is today. Both scriptures are talking about the second wilderness where the remnant of Ya'ohsharal will collect themselves after they begin to leave the lands of their enslavement in the New World where they were brought by ships during slavery. The word "Labanon" means "whiteness" and this word is used to signify that the second wilderness location is a place known for its white stone (cf. Khazon [Revelation] 2:17). This is an important clue as to the exact whereabouts of the second wilderness.

But what does it mean, the Wilderness/Labanon will be a vineyard (כרמל) and the vineyard will be reckoned a wooded or forested mountain (יער)? Let's keep reading the rest of Yashai-Ya'oh 32 to find out. ושכן.במדבר.משפט.וצדקה.בכרמל.תשב. "And judgment will dwell in the wilderness, and righteousness will remain in the vineyard" (Yashai-Ya'oh [Isaiah] 32:16). והיה.מעשה.הצדקה.שלום.ועבדתה.צדקה. השקט.ובטח.עד.־עולם. "And the righteous work will be shalom, and righteous service will be quietness and security always" (Yashai-Ya'oh [Isaiah] 32:17). וישב.עמי.בנוה.שלום.ובמשכנות.מבטחים. ובמנוחת.שאננות. "And my nation will dwell in a habitation of shalom, and in secure dwellings, and tranquil resting places" (Yashai-Ya'oh [Isaiah] 32:18). וברד.ברדת.היער.ובשפלה.תשפל.העיר. "Even when it hails falling down, the wooded mountain and in the low place, it will fall beneath the city (Yashai-Ya'oh [Isaiah] 32:19). אשריכם.זרעי.על.־כל.־מים.משלחי.רגל־.השור.והחמור. "Blessed are you, the ones sowing beside all waters, the ones sending forth the foot of the ox and the ass" (Yashai-Ya'oh [Isaiah] 32:20). The picture painted here by the prophet Yashai-Ya'oh is communicating to us that the wilderness will be a place where both judgment and righteousness dwell. That means a commandment-keeping zone will be established. It will be a place of shalom and total security for the remnant who relocate there. Even when hail falls down on the mountain, it will fall beneath their city according to verse 19. A city? Yes, a city. The remnant will build their own city in the second wilderness and their city will be a fruitful vineyard situated in the elevated heights of wooded mountainous terrain. They will plant fields there and sow them besides abundant water sources, and they will own their own livestock. Right after our ancestors left the house of bondage in ancient Matsraym in 1497 BC, YA’OH instructed them (through Mashah and Ahran) to set up their wilderness camp in a unique way. Their encampments were to take the shape of a square city, with three tribes residing on each side. The same thing will happen again in the second wilderness which is a wooded mountainous archipelago with white stone beaches everywhere. This is to be the temporary dwelling place of the remnant of Ya'ohsharal until they are ready to leave the wilderness and re-take the promised land which lies between the Euphrates River and the River of Matsraym.

How do I know the second wilderness is an archipelago in the sea? החרישו.אלי.איים.ולאמים.יחליפו.כח. יגשו.אז.ידברו.יחדו.למשפט.נקרבה. "Keep silent before me islands, and the people will renew strength! They will approach. Then they will speak together: 'For judgment let us come near!'" (Yashai-Ya'oh [Isaiah] 41:1). The only reason the Ala'aym of Ya'ohsharal would be telling a group of islands to be silent before Him so that His people can renew strength is because that archipelago is the second wilderness where their strength will be renewed. This group of islands is ordered by YA'OH to let the restoration of His nation take place in their country. The people will come and they will come to keep the commandments of YA'OH.

How do I know this archipelago in the sea is none other than the Philippine islands located in the far east? על.־כן.באורים.כבדו.יהוה.באיי.הים. שם.יהוה.אלהי.ישראל. "Therefore, in the fires glorify YA'OH, in the islands of the sea, the name YA'OH the Al of Ya'ohsharal" (Yashai-Ya'oh [Isaiah] 24:15). The word translated "fires" (אורים) refers to the sunlight that shines from the far east. It is the ultimate origin of the word "orient". This verse is a command to the remnant of Ya'ohsharal that they must glorify YA'OH in an archipelago of the sea in the far east. This is a direct order, not a suggestion. There is only one archipelago of the sea in the far east where the name YA'OH has been re-introduced to the world by YA'OH through a ravenous bird and where that name is now being proclaimed by the same ravenous bird, and that is the Philippines. This is the place of the second wilderness. It is where POWER will be poured out from on high upon the remnant of YA'OH and they will be revived as a nation - wealthy, prosperous, and mighty. Christianity and its Greek New Testament has taught the world a sordid collection of lies. The power from on high did not fall upon all flesh in the 1st century AD as the Book of Acts 2:16-21 written by the gentile physician Luke would have you believe. The story Luke spins is a complete fabrication that never happened. The power from on high prophesied by Ya'oh-al (Joel) 2:28-32 does not fall upon "all flesh" until the remnant of Ya'ohsharal gathers itself into the second wilderness. "All flesh" refers to all the members of this second wilderness gathering who call upon the name YA'OH. Just as the First Covenant was not made until after the nation of Ya'ohsharal exited Matsraym and set up camp in the first wilderness, the New Covenant will not be made until the remnant of Ya'ohsharal exits the lands of their enslavement in the New World and sets up camp in the second wilderness: כה.אמר.יהוה.מצא.חן.במדבר.עם.שרידי.חרב. הלוך.להרגיעו.ישראל. "Thus says YA'OH, it found grace in the wilderness, the nation escaped of the sword, when I went to cause it to rest, Ya'ohsharal" (Yaram-Ya'oh [Jeremiah] 31:2).

Christianity has people skipping over this verse and jumping straight to verse 31, as if the New Covenant comes without a second wilderness experience for Ya'ohsharal. This is a lie because the Greek New Testament is a lie. There will be no New Covenant until YA'OH gathers His remnant, those escaped of the sword, into the second wilderness. That is where they will find grace. Not before.

Mount Tsayon (Zion) is the "woman" who flees to this second wilderness. She is "allured" into going there by YA'OH: לכן.הנה.אנכי.מפתיה.והלכתיה.המדבר.ודברתי.על.לבה. "Therefore, behold, I am the one alluring her, and I will cause her to go to the wilderness, and I will speak upon her heart" (Hoshai [Hosea] 2:14).

How does He allure her into going? Through a voice calling in the second wilderness, and because the place He has prepared for Her is literally a paradise filled with beauty. It is a place where she will have HER OWN fruitful vineyards: ונתתי.לה.את־.כרמיה.משם.ואת.עמק.עכור. לפתח.תקוה.וענתה.שמה.כימי.נעוריה. וכיום.עלתה.מארץ.־מצרים. "And I will give to her her vineyards from there, and the valley of Ghachor for a door of hope, and she will sing there as in the days of her youth, and as the day she came up from the land of Matsraym" (Hoshai [Hosea] 2:15). The valley of Ghachor (Achor) was the place where YA'OH turned away from the fierceness of His anger (Ya'ohshai [Joshua] 7:26). This is why the second wilderness is a "door of hope". It is because the curses of Deuteronomy 28 will no longer pursue the nation. In the second wilderness there is only blessing. There is no more wrath or curse. No more oppression and no more exploitation. YA'OH will now aggressively defend His nation and He will rebuild it. רעה.עמך.בשבטך.צאן.נחלתך.שכני.לבדד.יער. בתוך.כרמל.ירעו.בשן.וגלעד.כימי.עולם. "Feed your nation with your rod, the flock of your heritage, which dwells isolated in the wooded mountain, in the midst of a vineyard. They will feed - Bashan and Galaid - as in the days of old" (Maycha [Micah] 7:14). The prophets keep repeating that the remnant of Ya'ohsharal will take up residence in a wooded mountain where there will be a fruitful vineyard. This is the second wilderness where the nation will be fed and nourished back to health. It's strength will be completely renewed there. Bashan and Galaid where the places in the holy land best suited for livestock and cattle. They are mentioned here because the remnant of Ya'ohsharal will possess their own livestock in their vineyards way up in their set-apart wooded mountainous city. They do not come to mix and to assimilate. They come to set themselves apart and to dwell solitarily (cf. Numbers 23:9). The nations of the world will witness their transformation in the second wilderness, how they will amass wealth and power in a short amount of time, and the nations will be dumbfounded: יראו.גוים.ויבשו.מכל.גבורתם. ישימו.יד.על.־פה.אזניהם.תחרשנה. "The nations will see and be confounded at all their might. They will put the hand upon the mouth. Their ear will be deafened" (Maycha [Micah] 7:16). This has always been His plan. He brought all of you by ships to the land of the pyramids in the New World to fulfill the curse of Deuteronomy 28:68, but He has always had an exit strategy in place for His remnant. He has always had a plan to redeem you and to fix you and to put you on top of this world where you rightfully belong as His peculiar people.

His name is YA'OH
Always has been. Always will be.


Renew Your Strength Old Woman

Yashai-Ya'oh (Isaiah) 46:1-13

"Bows down Bel! Stoops down Nabo! They were their standing images upon the beasts, and upon cattle! Your carriages are heavy laden! A burden to the weary! They stooped down! They bow down together! They could not deliver the burden, but their souls into captivity have they gone!"

Bel and Nabo were the chief gods of the Babylonian religion. Their temples were at the heart of the ancient city of Babylon. These verses 1-2 are saying that the religion of the ancient Babylonians would be destroyed and their gods carried off never to return. Do you know when that happened? It did not happen until the Muslim conquest in the mid-7th century AD. You are supposed to know this. "Listen to me, house of Ya'oh-ghakab, and all the REMNANT of the house of Ya'ohsharal, the ones borne by Me from the belly, the ones carried from the womb."

He tells you to listen to Him after just telling you that ancient Babylon would be utterly destroyed because what He is about to say in the next verses pertains to the period AFTER the fall of ancient Babylon.

"Even until female old age, I am He. Even until the hoary head of a woman advanced in age, I will bear you. I made, and I will carry, and I will bear, and I will deliver."

Why is He calling the nation an old grey headed woman? Why does He keep repeating that He carries her? Because by the time these words become relevant, by the time they actually mean something to you and you can understand them for the first time, the nation will be spent. It will be old, wasted, and in need major assistance like an elderly woman in a nursing home. After all you've been through, you need a wheelchair and a stretcher.

"To whom will you like Me, and you all make them equal, and compare Me, so we may be alike?"

Why does this old grey headed woman need to hear this? Because that's what she does all day in her nursing home (the lands of her captivity in the New World). She is constantly trying put her Jesus, her Yahawashi, her Yahoshua, or her Yahusha, or whatever, on the same stage with Him. Like a partner. He has no equal, none, zero, zilch, nadda! And He has no partner! You need to be told this now, old woman, again and again and again because in your advanced age you've forgotten. You need a "Notebook" and someone to read it back to you over and over to help you snap out of it. Your Maker is ONE and there is no one else but Him.

"They spare no expense in gold out the bag, and silver in the balance they weigh out. They hire a jeweler and he makes it a god. They fall down, yes, they worship it. They lift it upon the shoulder. They bear it, and set it in its place, and it stands. From its place it will not be moved, yes, he will cry out to it, but it doesn't answer; from his trouble not will it save him."

OMPP, you have history behind you now. You can look back and see for yourself that He has kept His word. He did exactly to ancient Babylon and their gods what He said He would do in verses 1-2. You think He took His time and did all that so He could then turn around and watch you cling for dear life to an idol that you learned to love after being brainwashed in your oppressor's religion and by his satanic Greek NT book?

Our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents who passed on didn't know any better. But you do. Don't worry about them. He's a just and merciful judge. It's you you should be worried about. You with the super information highway at your fingertips. "Remember this you all, and show yourselves to be men. Bring it, oh transgressors, to mind!"

Now He wants the old grey haired woman to be a man. Face the past, acknowledge what happened, call it to mind. Be men and be ready to take action like men. "Remember the former things of old. For I am Al and there is none else. Ala'aym! And there is none like me!"

How can you remember the things of old if you cannot tell when things happened and how long its been since they happened? You let a European man convince you something is billions of years old but scoff at YA'OH when His Thorah says heaven and earth and everything in them are only thousands of years old? You're calling Him a liar. You have another ala'aym over Him. This message is not for you. But just so we are clear about the "god" you serve and one I serve, and their differences... "The one declaring from the beginning, the end. And from ancient times that which is not yet done. The one saying my counsel will stand, and all my pleasure will I do."

You see the real Ala'aym called all of this long before it happened. He did it so that when it happened you'd know it was Him. Are the people who call themselves "Jews" and "Israelites" and by the world, did they come across the Middle Passage as slaves in slave ships during slavery? Nope. You did. Are the people who call themselves "Jews" and "Israelites" and by the world, are they steeped in the worship of gold and silver idols of an oppressor? Nope. You are. Didn't all of this occur AFTER the fall of ancient Babylon in the mid-7th century AD. Yep. Anybody else call this in advance besides YA'OH? Nope.

"Calling from the East, a ravenous bird, the man who executes my counsel from a far off country: yea, I have spoken it, I will surely bring it to pass; I have fashioned, yea I will do it."

And now this. You don't believe this is me? No problem. But it cannot be Cyrus of Persia because the ravenous bird does not come until after ancient Babylon falls according to verses 1-2 and it did not fall until the mid-7th century AD. So if the ravenous bird is not me then we are still waiting.

But what's the point of a ravenous bird appearing way out in the far east, and coming when the old grey haired woman is at her day's end (i.e. end of her curses)? Why does the bird of prey only become an issue when the old woman is told to be a man and to get rid of her idolatry? Because the ravenous bird is where the nation needs to go in order to be fully restored after it wakes up. Her salvation, the renewal of her strength, is linked to the wilderness. He put a ravenous bird there ahead of you to show you the way so you would not be out here wondering where to go. "Listen to me, you stouthearted! The ones far from righteousness! I bring near my righteousness. It will not be far, and my salvation it will not tarry. I will place salvation in Tsayon for Ya'ohsharal my glory."

He calls you stouthearted and far from righteousness because He knew what your initial reaction would be. He knew you'd scoff and come up with excuses to justify your wicked behavior and your false doctrines. Your idolatry and the familiar surroundings of your oppressor's stolen back yard are a warm and comfy security blanket to you, and you don't want to let either one of them go in your stubborn old age. Doesn't matter. His plans cannot be undone.

Tsayon (Zion) is the "woman" and He is causing those who belong to her to go to the wilderness in the far east where the name YA'OH is being proclaimed by a ravenous bird. That is where He will renew her strength, make her His wife again, and where He will make the New Covenant with her. Not before.

His name is YA'OH
Always has been. Always will be.


Why is Tyre still here?

Ya'oh-khazak-al (Ezekiel) 26:19

"For thus says Lord YA'OH: When I will make you an abandoned city, like the cities that are not inhabited, when I will bring up the deep upon you, and great waters cover you..."

The city of Tyre, against whom these words were spoken by YA'OH thru His prophet in the 6th century BC, is still here and still inhabited to this day.

Christians and bible critics want you to believe God changed His mind and threw His prophet under the bus by letting him look like a fool in writing THREE huge chapters (chapters 26-28) about the fall of Tyre that never happened. The truth is that Ya'oh-khazak-al (Ezekiel) never once explicitly states that the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II (605-562 BC) would be the one to destroy Tyre permanently. He said many nations would come against Tyre, like successive waves of the sea come against the seashore (26:3). Nebuchadnezzar II from the north was just the first wave to hit Tyre. He was not supposed to be the first AND the last wave.

Today, Tyre's main source of income is fishing. That is exactly what YA'OH said Tyre would be reduced to by Him. He has stripped it of all of its former greatness. YA'OH said so by the prophet in 26:14. So for the city to become a place where the only thing really going on there is fishing, and that's it, that means the city has YET to be completely destroyed and completely depopulated like it says in 26:19. Yes or no?

Tyre is not supposed to be completely wiped off the map until after the time YA'OH has been sanctified in His people by gathering them (to the wilderness!) in preparation for their permanent return to the promised land. Says so at the very end of the three-chapters long prophecy about Tyre in 28:25-26.

But before Tyre is completely depopulated and abandoned for good, it will experience 70 years of being "forgotten". America, the daughter of Tyre, as well as being modern-day Assyria, Babylon and Egypt, will go through very hard times at the same time (5th and part of the 6th vials). At the end of these 70 years Tyre will experience a great economic revival and once again conduct maritime trade with the nations of the world. She will "return to her hire" like before. But this time the wealth and the merchandise she heaps up will be taken away from her --- by Ya'ohsharal.

The reason why the Book of Khazon 18 (aka the Book of Revelation chapter 18) alludes so extensively to the prophet Ya'oh-khazak-al's mercantile description of Tyre in "Ezekiel" chapters 26–28 is because America and Tyre share the same fate, and for the same reasons. America did to OMPP what the ancient city of Tyre did to their ancestors. They both got rich by human trafficking the people of Ya'ohsharal back and forth over the high seas.

My people, the OMPP diaspora in the New World, the God who made you and chose you to be His, He does not forget, and He does not go back on His word.

His name is YA'OH
Always has been. Always will be.


Last question. Who is the one king that will reign 70 years, somewhere, at the same time Tyre is being forgotten about for 70 years (Yashai-Ya'oh 23:15)?

Where are all you bible prophecy experts at? Step forward.

Ravenous Bird

The Fall of Ancient Babylon

This is what the ancient and majestic city of Babylon once looked like. And this is what it looks like today. Question: When did the city of Babylon become a permanent desolation?

Yaram-Ya'oh (Jeremiah) 50:3

"For there comes against her people from the NORTH. It will make her land for a desolation, and none will be dwelling in it. From man and unto animal, they will remove, they will depart".

This prophecy uttered in the 6th century BC tells us that the ancient city of Babylon would become a total desolation and nothing would live there anymore ever again. When did this happen?

It did not happen all at once, over night. It happened over a long span of time. It began with the invasion of the Medes-Persians from THE NORTH according to Yaram-Ya'oh 50:9 and 51:11.

Here is the chronology:

Mede-Persian period: 539 BC to 331 BC
Greek period: 331 BC to 150 BC
Parthian period: 247 BC to 224 AD
Sassanid period: 224 AD to 651 AD

The Medes-Persians did not destroy the city of Babylon. They invaded in 539 BC and took control of it. The Greeks did not destroy the city of Babylon. They invaded in 331 BC and took it away from the Medes-Persians and ruled it. The Parthians did not destroy the city of Babylon. They invaded in 150 BC and took it away from the Greeks and ruled it. The Sassanids did not destroy the city of Babylon. They invaded in 224 AD and took it away from the Parthians and ruled it.

The city of Babylon existed all throughout this period from 539 BC down to the end of the Sassanid Empire. The city was inhabited by man and by animal until the Muslim conquest in the mid-7th century AD. That is what finally brought the city of Babylon to an end. From the time of the Muslim conquest the city became ruins. It was a source of bricks used to build cities from Baghdad to Basra. It's life was finally over and it has never been inhabited by man or by animal ever since.

It was not a single overnight invasion that brought the city of Babylon to an end. It was a series of invasions by NORTHERN peoples spanning several centuries. There was more than one "spoiler" (Yaram-Ya'oh 51:48) involved.

Why is this important to know? Because there are those who will tell you "Jeremiah" is a false prophet because Cyrus did not destroy the city of Babylon in 539 BC. But that is not what the prophet said would happen.

There are also those from the ISUBGay (aka isupk) camp who will tell you "Jeremiah" wrote a lengthy prophecy about the city's impending doom in chapters 50-51, but then God changed His mind about it and called the whole thing off! This is ignorance and stupidity taught by grown men who never graduated from high school.

Another reason you should know the truth is because the ravenous bird prophesied in Yashai-Ya'oh (Isaiah) 46 does not come until AFTER the city of Babylon has been desolated and its ancient religious cults terminated according to Yashai-Ya'oh 46:1-2. That means the ravenous bird could not come prior to the Muslim conquest in 7th century AD. Thus, the ravenous bird is not Cyrus of Persia.

If I'm lying may YA'OH, the man of war whom I serve, the Maker of heaven and earth, strike me dead -- today.

The ancient city of Babylon took centuries and a series of invasions by northern nations before it finally came to an end in the mid-7th century AD. However, the daughter of Babylon (i.e. America) will come down suddenly in just one day according to Yashai-Ya'oh 47:9 and Khazon (Revelation) 18:8.

His name is YA'OH
Always has been. Always will be.


Let It Rain!

The word מורה (M-W-R-H) is a word you will hear people use today. In biblical times this word meant torrential "downpour." The word refers to the heavy rains that were so vital to our promised land because our land depends totally on seasonal rainfall for the irrigation of crops. Our land does not have rivers that can be used to channel water to irrigate the farmlands. So without the heavy rains the land turns desolate and parched from the heat. The Israeli Jews try to use modern technology to get around this problem, but the land is cursed until the real people return to it. In any event, in Mishnaic Hebrew (2nd century AD and onward) and Talmudic Hebrew the gentile converts to Judaism began giving this word the additional meaning of "teacher". So when the Queen James Virus was made in 1611 the translators used the much later Jewish definition of "teacher" to define this word in Job 36:22, Proverbs 5:13, Isaiah 30:20, and Habakkuk 2:18. Like so many English translations we take for granted as being correct, these are all incorrect. The correct words for "teacher" in our language are מלמד (MALAMAD, Psalm 119:99; Proverbs 5:13) and מבינ (MABAYN, 1 Chronicles 25:8). The root verb of מורה is ירה (Y-R-H) which means "to throw, to shoot, to cast." Granted, a teacher is supposed to be a figure who constantly casts information and knowledge down to his students, like much needed rainfall, but "teacher" is not what the noun מורה means. It means "downpour." The convert Jews turned this word into a metaphor for "teacher" and that is why you hear our people today calling their male teacher a "Moreh" (masculine) and their female teacher a "Morah" (feminine). So now let's use the original definition and fix the 1611 Queen James Virus. Notice that the Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew lexicon (page 435) is not sure that "teacher" is the correct definition to use in Proverbs 5:13 and Isaiah 30:20. Mashlay (Proverbs) 5:13 - I have not listened to the voice of the DOWNPOURS; and my instructor, not did I incline my ear. This verse is comparing an instructor to the noise that downpours of rain make. This is poetic language. It is not saying that the word מורה means "teacher". Ay'ob (Job) 36:22 - Behold, God exalts by His might. Who is like Him? A DOWNPOUR. This verse is not calling God a "teacher" (even though He is). This verse is comparing God's might to that of a downpour because the torrential heavy rain storms in our land were awesome displays of His power over the forces of nature. There is no such thing as "Mother Nature." Khabakok (Habakkuk) 2:18 - What profit is a graven image? For the maker of it, he fashions it as a molten image, a false DOWNPOUR that the maker trusts upon it, making idols that don't speak. This verse is not calling an idol a "teacher." It is calling it a false DOWNPOUR that is of no use whatsoever. Yashai-Ya'oh (Isaiah) 30:20 - Not will it be cornered anymore your DOWNPOURS, but it will be that your eyes see your DOWNPOURS. Ever witness it rain on one side of a street but not the other? Strange sight to see isn't it? That's what we call someone upstairs apparently not liking a particular side of the street that day. So it gets no rain. This verse is not talking about "teachers." It is talking about the day when we will be given the kind of heavy rain that brings life to the land, life to our people, whereas we have up till now been given the water that causes affliction in the form of curses. YA'OH removed our DOWNPOURS into a corner and our people have become desolate and parched as a result. But He will bring our DOWNPOURS back so that we revive and live again. See Ya'oh-al (Joel) 2:23. His name is YA'OH
Always has been. Always will be.

You've Been Scammed

There once was this guy, stop me if you've heard this one, who wanted to make his girlfriend really happy. So he went and bought her a brand new Luis Vuitton bag, or at least he thought it was Luis Vuitton. The look on her face when she opened the gift wrapping went from happy and excited to disgust and disbelief, because she knew within a nano-second of looking at the bag that it was not a real Luis Vuitton bag. He had spent hundreds of dollars for a fake and she didn't believe him when he said he had no idea.

She knew instantly that the bag was a fake because things like name brand bags, and what things to look for to determine authenticity, were important to her. She took time to make sure she knew about these things in detail. But none of these things were important to him. He just took it for granted that it had to be real because of the label and he didn't bother to question it. On a scale of 1 to 10 how important are hand bags? Zero. How important are those things you put your faith in that will determine how you live and raise your children? Extremely important. Yet most people treat serious matters presented to them as genuine without ever checking to see if it is valid. They will check closely the ingredients of a food recipe before eating certain foods, but they will not treat their minds with the same level of care that they would their stomachs. The whole world has been told that God Himself came down to earth to be born as a human baby in order to die and save humanity from its sins, and reconcile it back to God. You've all heard the story because the Christian Bible is the most successful book in human history. But is the story true? How would you know? Have you ever checked?

Here is the truth. The details in the right column are what the Greek New Testament has to offer. Like I said, everyone is familiar with these, even if they never attended church or Sunday school. The irony is that none of the books of the Greek New Testament were penned by anybody who knew the man they were idolizing. They never met him. The details in the left column are completely unknown to most people today and that is by design not by accident. This information in the left column is coming from people who actually knew the man personally, i.e. the 1st century Ebionites who wrote the original Hebrew Matthew. The Ebionites rejected the entire Greek New Testament and they repudiated the self-proclaimed apostle Paul who was a member of the Edomite Herodian royal family.

2,000 years ago was not that long ago. The period is very well documented. It is impossible that someone or a group sat down and invented a person of such significance, and just inserted him into Roman occupied Judea in the 1st century AD hoping no one would know. Someone would have blown the whistle very early on. It would not have taken 2,000 years! So the man did in fact exist. The problem is that the truth about him was quickly hi-jacked by people who never knew him and the real story about him was changed and then this twisted version about him was passed off to the world as the truth.

The historical figure was turned into a blasphemous and abominable fiction and the facts were censored by gentile church authorities. Believe it or not but Santa Claus was a real person named Saint Nicholas. He really existed, but the popular story told about him today is completely untrue.

Similarly, you have been duped into buying a fake and counterfeit Christ. You need to go return him today and get your money back.

The truth is coming to light in these days because YA'OH is waking His people up.

His name is YA'OH
Always has been. Always will be.

The Sloppy Assyrian Scribe

Shalmaneser III praying in front of divine symbols. The cuneiform inscription is a text of a version of the King's annals and narrates his campaign in chronological order, concluding with a description of the battle of Qarqar in 853 BC against a large Syrian coalition led by the king of Aram-Damascus. The artifact dates to the Neo-Assyrian Period. It was found in Kurkh, Diyarbakir, modern-day Turkey. It's present location is the British Museum. One version of the royal annals of Shalmaneser III (858-824 BC), king of Assyria, is engraved on a large stone stele found at Kurkh in 1861, and commonly referred to as the Kurkh Monolith. See A. K. Grayson, Assyrian Rulers of the First Millennium BC II (858–745) (RIMA 3; Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1996): 11-24.

The stone narrates the king's military campaigns in their chronological order from 859 to 853 BC. The text ends abruptly after a description of the Battle of Qarqar in 853 BC so the monument was probably carved in 853 or in 852 BC. The text was engraved in such a hurry that there are numerous scribal errors throughout the composition, including major spelling errors at the very end.

The royal monument has generated a tremendous amount of interest since its discovery in the 19th century because it provides the earliest known reference to the Northern Kingdom of Ya'ohsharal. Column 2, lines 78-102 lists three major players in the anti-Assyrian coalition who fought against Shalmaneser III at the Battle of Qarqar in 853 BC: Adad-idri (Hadadezer) of Aram-Damascus; Irhuleni of Hamath; and Ahabbu (a-ha-ab-bu) of Sir-'ila (col. 2, lines 91-92). The conventional interpretation of virtually all European and American scholars is that the third king is the biblical king "Akhab (Ahab) of the land of Israel".

This popular interpretation is wrong and should be rejected for the following reason. The biblical king Akhab reigned 22 years from 922 to 901 BC according to the bible's internal chronology. The Battle of Qarqar took place 48 years AFTER Akhab's death. The king of the Northern Kingdom at the time of the Battle of Qarqar was not Akhab. It was Ya'oh-akhaz (863-847 BC). George Smith rejected the identification of Akhab with the a-ha-ab-bu of this inscription for this very reason: "Under these circumstances I have given up the identification of the Ahab who assisted Ben-hadad at the battle of Qarqar, B.C. 854, with the Ahab, king of Israel, who died, I believe, forty-five years earlier (George Smith, Assyrian Eponym Canon [1875], pages 188-189)". But European scholars nowadays believe the bible's internal chronology is wrong, so they fiddle and tinker with the biblical chronological figures to reduce the chronology by half a century in order to move the reign of Akhab forward in time so that he is alive in 853 BC to fit their interpretation. That doesn't work with me. The bible is not wrong here. The common interpretation that says "a-ha-ab-bu" is the same person as Akhab is wrong.

The Assyrian scribe was in a rush when he made this inscription. The many mistakes he made everywhere else in this text leads one to naturally conclude that he simply made a mistake in the spelling of the Ya'ohsharalay king's name. He was supposed to write "Ya'oh-akhaz" but he omitted the diminutive theophoric element YW (= YA'OH) and he confused the second element "a-kha-z" with being "a-ha-ab-bu."

This king is not mentioned in any of the other versions of the annals of Shalmaneser III which retell the Battle of Qarqar. It suggests that he was not actually present at the battle in the first place. He is only mentioned presumably because Aram-Damascus, the leader of the anti-Assyrian coalition, viewed the king of northern Ya'ohsharal as his subordinate and put him down as a member of his coalition. Yet the fact of the matter is that the Northern Kingdom of Ya'ohsharal was neither a subordinate of Aram-Damascus, nor an ally of theirs at this time in 853 BC.

The Assyrian scribe also screwed up the name of the biblical king's country and this is something every scholar is in agreement that he did. There was never any country in southern Syria called "Sir-'ila." This is just a botched attempt to write SHAR-AL ("prince of God") without the diminutive theorphoric element Y (= YA'OH).

The name of God's people is a vocative expression, YA'OH-SHAR-AL, which means: "Oh YA'OH, a prince of God". His name is YA'OH
Always has been. Always will be.

Chronology & Synchronisms

4171 01 Sha'ol (1059-1057 BC) 4172 02 4173 01 Doayd (1057-1018 BC) 4174 02 4175 03 4176 04 4177 05 4178 06 4179 07 4180 08 4181 09 4182 10 4183 11 4184 12 4185 13 4186 14 4187 15 4188 16 4189 17 4190 18 4191 19 4192 20 4193 21 4194 22 4195 23 4196 24 4197 25 4198 26 4199 27 4200 28 4201 29 4202 30 4203 31 4204 32 4205 33 4206 34 4207 35 4208 36 4209 37 4210 38 4211 39 4212 40 01 Shalamah (1018-978 BC) 4213 02 4214 03 4215 04 4216 05 4217 06 4218 07 4219 08 4220 09 4221 10 4222 11 4223 12 4224 13 4225 14 4226 15 4227 16 4228 17 4229 18 4230 19 4231 20 4232 21 4233 22 4234 23 4235 24 4236 25 4237 26 4238 27 4239 28 4240 29 4241 30 4242 31 4243 32 4244 33 4245 34 4246 35 4247 36 4248 37 4249 38 4250 39 4251 40 4252 01 Rakhab-gham 02 Yarab-gham 1 (revised calendar) 4253 02 03 4254 03 04 4255 04 05 4256 05 06 4257 06 07 4258 07 08 4259 08 09 4260 09 10 4261 10 11 4262 11 12 4263 12 13 4264 13 14 4265 14 15 4266 15 16 4267 16 17 4268 17 18 4269 01 Ab-Ya'oh 19 4270 02 20 4271 03 01 Asa 21 4272 02 22 01 Nadab 4273 03 02 01 Baisha 1 4274 04 02 4275 05 03 4276 06 04 4277 07 05 4278 08 06 4279 09 07 4280 10 08 4281 11 09 4282 12 10 4283 13 11 4284 14 12 4285 15 13 4286 16 14 4287 17 15 4288 18 16 4289 19 17 4290 20 18 4291 21 19 4292 22 20 4293 23 21 4294 24 22 4295 25 23 4296 26 24 01 Alah 4297 27 01 Zamray, Tabnay, Ghamray 02 4298 28 02 4299 29 03 4300 30 04 4301 31 05 Ghamray (*alone) 4302 32 06 4303 33 07 4304 34 08 4305 35 09 4306 36 10 **Baisha 2 4307 37 11 4308 38 12 01 Akhab 4309 39 02 4310 40 03 4311 41 01 Ya'ohshapat 04 4312 02 05 4313 03 06 4314 04 07 4315 05 08 4316 06 09 4317 07 10 4318 08 11 4319 09 12 4320 10 13 4321 11 14 4322 12 15 4323 13 16 4324 14 17 4325 15 18 4326 16 19 4327 17 20 01 Akhaz-Ya'oh 1 4328 18 Ya'ohram 1 01 21 02 (*paralysis) 4329 19 02 22 4330 20 03 4331 21 04 4332 01 Ya'ohram 2 22 05 4333 02 23 06 *death of Akhaz-Ya'oh 1 4334 03 24 07 4335 04 25 08 4336 05 09 4337 06 10 4338 07 11 4339 08 01 Akhaz-Ya'oh 2 12 01 Ya'oh-ho 4340 02 4341 03 4342 04 4343 05 4344 06 4345 01 Ya'ohash 1 07 4346 02 08 4347 03 09 4348 04 10 4349 05 11 4350 06 12 4351 07 13 4352 08 14 4353 09 15 4354 10 16 4355 11 17 4356 12 18 4357 13 19 4358 14 20 4359 15 21 4360 16 22 4361 17 23 4362 18 24 4363 19 25 4364 20 26 4365 21 27 4366 22 28 4367 23 01 Ya'oh-akhaz 1 4368 24 02 4369 25 03 4370 26 04 4371 27 05 4372 28 06 4373 29 07 4374 30 08 4375 31 09 4376 32 10 4377 33 11 4378 34 12 4379 35 13 4380 36 14 4381 37 15 01 Ya'ohash 2 4382 38 01 Amats-Ya'oh 16 02 4383 39 02 17 03 4384 40 03 04 4385 04 05 4386 05 06 4387 06 07 4388 07 08 4389 08 09 4390 09 10 4391 10 11 4392 11 12 4393 12 13 4394 13 14 4395 14 15 4396 15 Yarab-gham 2 01 16 4397 16 02 4398 17 03 4399 18 04 4400 19 05 4401 20 06 4402 21 07 4403 22 08 4404 23 09 4405 24 10 4406 25 11 4407 26 12 4408 27 13 4409 28 14 4410 29 15 4411 16 4412 17 4413 18 4414 19 4415 20 4416 21 4417 22 4418 23 4419 24 4420 25 4421 26 4422 01 Ghazar-Ya'oh 27 4423 02 28 4424 03 29 4425 04 30 4426 05 31 4427 06 32 4428 07 33 4429 08 34 4430 09 35 4431 10 36 4432 11 37 4433 12 38 4434 13 39 4435 14 40 4436 15 41 4437 16 4438 17 4439 18 4440 19 4441 20 4442 21 4443 22 4444 23 4445 24 4446 25 4447 26 4448 27 4449 28 4450 29 4451 30 4452 31 4453 32 4454 33 4455 34 4456 35 4457 36 4458 37 4459 38 Zachar-Ya'oh 4460 39 Shalom 4461 40 01 Manakham 4462 41 02 4463 42 03 4464 43 04 4465 44 05 4466 45 06 4467 46 07 4468 47 08 4469 48 09 4470 49 10 4471 50 01 Pakakh-Ya'oh 4472 51 02 4473 52 01 Pakakh 4474 01 Ya'ohtham 02 4475 02 03 4476 03 04 4477 04 05 4478 05 06 4479 06 07 4480 07 08 4481 08 09 4482 09 10 4483 10 11 4484 11 12 4485 12 13 4486 13 14 4487 14 15 4488 15 16 4489 16 01 Akhaz 17 4490 02 18 4491 03 19 4492 04 20 4493 20* 05 *Hoshai made governor 4494 06 4495 07 4496 08 4497 09 4498 10 4499 11 4500 12 *Hoshai made king 4501 13 01 Hoshai 4502 14 02 4503 15 03 4504 16 01 Khazak-Ya'oh 04 4505 02 05 4506 03 06 4507 04 07 4508 05 08 4509 06 09 4510 07 4511 08 4512 09 4513 10 4514 11 4515 12 4516 13 4517 14 4518 15 4519 16 4520 17 4521 18 4522 19 4523 20 4524 21 4525 22 4526 23 4527 24 4528 25 4529 26 4530 27 4531 28 4532 29 4533 01 Manashah 4534 02 4535 03 4536 04 4537 05 4538 06 4539 07 4540 08 4541 09 4542 10 4543 11 4544 12 4545 13 4546 14 4547 15 4548 16 4549 17 4550 18 4551 19 4552 20 4553 21 4554 22 4555 23 4556 24 4557 25 4558 26 4559 27 4560 28 4561 29 4562 30 4563 31 4564 32 4565 33 4566 34 4567 35 4568 36 4569 37 4570 38 4571 39 4572 40 4573 41 4574 42 4575 43 4576 44 4577 45 4578 46 4579 47 4580 48 4581 49 4582 50 4583 51 4584 52 4585 53 4586 54 4587 55 4588 01 Amon 4589 02 4590 01 Ya'ash-Ya'oh 4591 02 4592 03 4593 04 4594 05 4595 06 4596 07 4597 08 4598 09 4599 10 4600 11 4601 12 4602 13 4603 14 4604 15 4605 16 4606 17 4607 18 4608 19 4609 20 4610 21 4611 22 4612 23 4613 24 4614 25 4615 26 4616 27 4617 28 4618 29 4619 30 4620 31 4621 Ya'oh-akhaz 2 4622 01 Ya'oh-yakaym 4623 02 4624 03 4625 04 4626 05 4627 06 4628 07 4629 08 4630 09 4631 10 4632 11 Ya'oh-yachayn (*captivity) 4633 01 Tsadak-Ya'oh 4634 02 4635 03 4636 04 4637 05 4638 06 4639 07 4640 08 4641 09 *desolation of Yaroshalam begins with a siege 4642 10 4643 11 *Yaroshalam fell to the Babylonians 4644 *The First Temple was burnt 4645 4646 4647 4648 4649 4650 4651 4652 4653 4654 4655 4656 *14th year of the fall of Yaroshalam, 25th year of the captivity 4657 4658 4659 4660 4661 4662 4663 4664 4665 4666 4667 4668 4669 4670 4671 4672 4673 4674 4675 4676 4677 4678 4679 4680 4681 4682 4683 4684 4685 4686 4687 4688 4689 4690 4691 4692 4693 4694 4695 4696 4697 4698 4699 4700 4701 4702 4703 4704 4705 4706 4707 4708 4709 4710 4711 *70th year of the desolation of Yaroshalam; Cyrus gives order to rebuild 4712 4713 *Death of Cyrus; rebuilding work halted by Cambyses 4714 4715 4716 4717 4718 4719 4720 4721 4722 *Zarababal the governor of Ya'ohdah resumed the rebuilding work 4723 4724 4725 4726 *The building of the Second Temple was finished 4727 4728 4729 4730 4731 4732 4733 4734 4735 4736 4737 4738 4739 4740 4741 4742 4743 4744 4745 4746 4747 4748 4749 4750 4751 4752 4753 4754 *Beginning of the 7th week (Daniel 9:25) - 476 BC 4755 4756 4757 4758 4759 4760 *End of the 7 weeks (Daniel 9:25) - 470 BC 4761 *Beginning of the 62 weeks (Daniel 9:25) - 469 BC