A Book Sealed with Seven Seals

Not all of our manuscripts have come down to us in pristine condition. Some of them were manipulated and edited by Pauline Christians who inserted the doctrine of their abominable idol god Jeebus Crisis. The Book of Khazon (Revelation) is one of them. We simply remove theses Christian interpolations from this book, which are easy to isolate, and clean it up. The prophecies in this book are valid because they are all from the Thorah (law) and the Thaiodah (testimony).

The seven seals summarize and telescope history, and specifically the history with respect to what happens to the chosen people, from the time of the 1st century AD, when the book of Khazon was penned, all the way down to the coming of YA'OH and the destruction of this world. The seven seals were opened when Emperor Claudius gave the Herodian-Edomite ruler, Herod of Chalcis, control of the temple activities in Yaroshalam in 5273 (44 AD) and the power to appoint high priests. The Book of Khazon was composed this year. The author of the book tells you this himself. When he wrote the book, five Herodian rulers had already fallen, and a sixth was in power at the time (Khazon 17:10).

1) Herod the Great (36 – 3 BC) 2) Herod Archaelus (3 BC – 6 AD) 3) Philip (3 BC – 34 AD) 4) Herod Antipas (3 BC – 39 AD) 5) Herod Agrippa I (41 – 44 AD) 6) Herod of Chalcis (41 – 48 AD) 7) Herod Agrippa II (48 – 65 AD – 100 AD)

FIRST SEAL: white horse and rider. This horse and rider symbolize the Greek gospel of Jebus Crisis preached by Nicolas of Antioch and his top protoge, the Herodian Paul from nearby Tarsus, who studied under Nicolas at Antioch before launching his missionary journeys from Antioch in ca. 5275 (46 AD). The abomination of desolation that Paul spread, masquerading under the guise of salvation, is a victorious and vigorous virus. It is a deception which conquered and continues to conquer all over the world. It is called the doctrine of the Nicolaitines in this book because Nicolas was the first ringleader of the abarrent "Christian" movement at Antioch before Paul assumed leadership and took over. The Ebionites detested both Nicolas and Paul.

SECOND SEAL: red horse and rider. This horse and rider symbolize the curses of Deuteronomy causing events to lead to the destruction of the chosen people in their own land in the great war against Rome from 5295-5302 (66-73 AD) and their scattering among the heathen nations. They can find no peace among the heathens because a "great sword" (Ghamos [Amos] 9:4) always follows after them until their Exodus according to Hoshai (Hosea) 1:11.

THIRD SEAL: black horse and rider. This horse and rider symbolize the famine of hearing the words of YA'OH which is to endure after the composition of this book in 5273 (44 AD). It was prophesied in Ghamos 8:11-12 that the chosen people would be scattered among the heathen nations and seek the word of YA'OH but would not find it. The "oil" (Loaym priests) and the "wine" (Doayd royal line) are not hurt by the famine because of covenants (Yaram-Ya'oh 33:17-26). FOURTH SEAL: pale horse and rider. This horse symbolizes the calamities that would befall the chosen people within Chosh (i.e. Afrikkka) which is one-quarter of the earth's inhabitable landmass. After the great war of 5295-5302 (66-73 AD) the children of Ya'ohsharal fled into Chosh and spent centuries seeking refuge but only finding persecution, slavery, wild beasts, and death until the trans-Atlantic slave trade took them BEYOND the rivers of Chosh to the land of pyramids in the New World according to Deuteronomy 28:68 and Tsapan-Ya'oh (Zephaniah) 3:10.

FIFTH SEAL: the souls beneath the altar crying out for justice. This symbolizes the killings of the righteous remnant of Ya'ohsharal that will occur after the chosen people have returned to their own land and have erected a new altar for sacrifices. This is Ya'oh-ghakab's trouble (Jacob's trouble) mentioned in Yaram-Ya'oh 30:7 and in Danay'al 12:1. The altar will be polluted for 1,290 days and then the righteous dead will be avenged.

SIXTH SEAL: a great earthquake and cosmic disorder. This seal looks forward to the great day of YA'OH's wrath when He comes down to shake the world and to avenge His chosen people.

SEVENTH SEAL: silence in heaven for half of an "ashamarah" (watch) and seven angels prepare to sound seven trumpets while another angel offers much incense upon the golden altar, with the prayers of the chosen people, and then he casts his golden censer filled with fire from the altar to the earth. The breaking of the seven seals in 5273 (44 AD) allowed for the book to be opened and for its contents to be read, but the book's contents did not begin to play out until half of an ashamarah of time went by.

Let's unlock this time riddle. There are 18 ashamaroth in the course of a day, from sunrise to sunrise (equivalent to 24 pagan Roman hours). An ashamarah is made up of 42 bad-aym units (equivalent to 80 pagan Roman minutes). 1 bad is 7 ragai-aym units (equivalent to 1.9054 min.). 1 ragai is 0.2722 min. There are 294 ragai-aym in 1 ashamarah. Thus, half of an ashamarah is 147 ragai-aym units or 21 bad-aym. "21" was the number of inclusive years from the time the seven seals were opened in 5273 (44 AD) down to 5293 (64 AD) when Rome went up in flames because of the great fire set by the Emperor Nero. This is what the golden censer filled with fire and being cast to earth symbolized.

Nero pinned the blame for the great fire of 5293 (64 AD) on the chosen people because he said they hated mankind and they would not recognize his divinity nor the gods of other nations. The stage was now set for the revolt against the Herodian-Edomite dynasty in 5294 (65 AD). The outbreak of the great war with Rome took place the following year in 5295 (66 AD) when Nero sent his general Vespasian and his 10th Legion to suppress our revolt.

With the seven seals being opened in 5273 (44 AD) the seven angels get ready to sound their trumpets 21 years later in 5293 (64 AD) and the contents of the book begin to manifest. The mistake people make is assuming these things are literal when they are symbolic. Each trumpet sound covers a period of years during which certain things will happen and history will testify to the events.

The captain of the host of YA'OH commanded Ya'ohshai (Joshua) Ban Non to march all the men of war around the city of Yarakho (Jericho) one time for six consecutive days (Joshua 6:3). Seven priests were to bear and to blow the "trumpets of Jubilee" (not ram's horns!) before the Ark of the Covenant (Joshua 6:4). The trumpets of Jubilee were used because that year 3774 (1456 BC) was a Jubilee year. On the seventh day the men were to march around the city not once but seven times blowing the trumpets, and on the seventh time around the priests were to make a long and loud blast with their trumpets and then the walls of Yarakho would come down (Joshua 6:5). This is what the vision of the seven trumpets and seven vials in the Book of Khazon is based on. The vision is patterned after the historical conquest of Yarakho. The seven trumpets in Khazon are seven trumpets of Jubilee. A jubilee is the 50th year and also the 1st year of a new 49-year cycle (7 x 7 = 49). The Book of Khazon tells us that its predictions would begin to unfold when the book was published, "the time is at hand," not thousands of years after the book was written.

Therefore, each trumpet blast in Khazon must represent a lengthy, fixed period of time (in years) and not just one sunrise-to-sunrise day. The seventh trumpet (corresponding to the seventh day of marching around the city of Yarakho) is what triggers the seven vials (corresponding to the seven trips around the city on the seventh day), and the seventh vial (corresponding to the seventh and final trip around the city) triggers the seven thunders (corresponding to the long and loud blast which brought the walls of Yarakho down). So how many years is each trumpet blast? The trumpet blasts cannot be 49 years apart since that would only cover 49 x 7 = 343 years. The Book of Khazon was published in 5273 (44 AD) but the next Jubilee year was 21 years later in 5293 (64 AD). From 5293 to today 7250 (2021) has been 1,957 years. Divide this figure by seven and each trumpet blast cannot be less than 279 years. Since the men of war marched one time around the city of Yarakho for six consecutive days, that leads one to the logical conclusion that each trumpet blast in Khazon represents a period of six Jubilee cycles (49 x 6 = 294) beginning in 5293. As for the seven vials, these are shorter periods of time which begin when the seventh trumpet begins. It follows that each vial is 49 years and six of them fall within the 294 years of the seventh trumpet. The seventh vial is poured out at the end of the seventh trumpet. The seven thunders triggered by the seventh vial occur in rapid succession. It follows that each thunder clap represents one year, i.e. the first seven years of a new Jubilee cycle of 49 years.

FIRST TRUMPET: The year of the great fire in 5293 (64 AD) was a 50th year jubilee and the first year of a new 49-year cycle according to the way in which the Thorah tells us to reckon time. The first of the seven trumpets began to be blown this year. Our holy city Yaroshalam and the temple were both destroyed by Vespasian's son Titus in 5299 (70 AD). It was the end of our existence as a people in our own land. All the "green grass" (symbolizing the chosen people) was burnt up in the land. The strangers and the Jewish converts stepped to the forefront, assumed our identity, and took custody of our manuscripts.

SECOND TRUMPET: this trumpet began to sound off in 5887 (358 AD) which was a 50th year jubilee and the first year of a new 49-year cycle. The western part of the Roman Empire was in a state of decline and in serious trouble. The city of Rome was sacked in the year 5639 (410 AD) and the western half of the Empire completely collapsed in the year 5705 (476 AD). One-third of the vast territory of the Roman Empire was overrun by a deluge of Germanic barbarian hordes. The "great mountain" went down in a ball of flames into the sea.

THIRD TRUMPET: this trumpet began to sound in the year 5881 (652 AD). This was a 50th year jubilee and the first year of a new 49-year cycle (7 x 7) and a new 294-year cycle (6 x 49). The standard copy of the Quran compiled by Uthman ibn Affan was distributed this year. After the early military conquests of Muhammed and his successors in the Rashidun caliphate, the Muslim world was greatly expanded under the Umayyad caliphate to become one of the largest empires in history. The Umayyads ruled over a vast multi-ethnic and multi-cultural population. In order to do so, they implemented a policy of religious tolerance, and speaking "tenderly" and "gently" to peoples of different religious beliefs so that they will turn to fear the god "Allah" (Quran 20:44). The Arabic word for "tenderly" is pronounced lynah. The Ghabaray word for "wormwood" (לענה) is pronounced lynah. The religion of Islam is the wormwood.

FOURTH TRUMPET: this trumpet began to sound in the year 6175 (946 AD). This was a 50th year jubilee and the first year of a new 49-year cycle (7 x 7) and a new 294-year cycle (6 x 49). The golden days of the Abbasid caliphate's leadership over the vast Islamic empire began to be "dimmed out" by subjection to foreign dynasties. The great light of the Abbasid caliph in Baghdad was darkened to become nothing more than the titular head of the Islamic world. It would not be for another 230 some years until the Abbasid caliph regained the full military independence of the caliphate under Al-Nasir li-Din Allh (1158-1225).

FIFTH TRUMPET: this trumpet began to sound in the year 6469 (1240 AD). This was a 50th year jubilee and the first year of a new 49-year cycle (7 x 7) and a new 294-year cycle (6 x 49). The Mongols invaded Europe and introduced gunpowder and firearms into Europe, like the "smoke of a great furnace." This invasion also helped to trigger the pandemic of the Black Death which came to Europe via the Silk Road. Europe was able to rebound and swarm out of the smoke like locusts to commence the Age of Discovery and Expansion in the 15th century and continuing into the 17th century, during which European ships traveled around the world to search for new trading routes and partners to feed burgeoning capitalism in Europe.

All of this activity led to the Triangular Trade, also known as the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade, in the year 6747 (1518 AD) when a charter issued by King Charles I of Spain authorized the direct transportation of slaves from West Africa across the "abyss" of the Middle Passage to the New World. The destroyer "Abaddon" in the abyss routinely gobbled up the lives of OMPP who either jumped or were tossed overboard the slave ships. The largest forced migration in human history was the primary economic enterprise of these European "locusts" and therefore Abaddon was their "king" because the trade was the source of their wealth.

The power of these locusts, with their "hair like women" (wigs), to sting and to torment OMPP with their advanced technological superiority, their projectiles, and their metallic flying machines which make a thunderous noise like horses running into battle, is given to them for a symbolic period of "5 months". A prophetic month in this context is 101 years based on Zachar-Ya'oh 11:8. The three shepherds dethroned in "one month" were Herod Archelaus, Herod Antipas, and Herod Agrippa II during the 101 years of the Herodian-Edomite dynasty from 5194 (36 BC) to 5294 (65 AD) when Herod Agrippa II was ousted by our people.

Therefore, the 5 months that the locusts torment the remnant of the chosen people is 5 x 101 = 505 years from 6747 (1518 AD) to 7252 (2023 AD). OMPP who have the "seal of Ala'aym" in their foreheads which is the holy name of their Father will no longer be tormented as of the year 7253 (2024 AD) because they will begin to leave the land of pyramids in the west in 7252 (2023 AD) where the locusts had brought them by slave ships.

SIXTH TRUMPET: this trumpet began to sound in the year 6763 (1534 AD). This was a 50th year jubilee and the first year of a new 49-year cycle (7 x 7) and a new 294-year cycle (6 x 49). The dominant political power at this time was the Kingdom of Great Britain. The colors of the Royal Arms of England are RED, BLUE, and YELLOW. Out of this symbolic "river Euphrates" kingdom were loosed FOUR English translations of the Bible which changed the world. These were the Tynsdale's Bible which ended up in the Great Bible (1539 AD); the Geneva Bible (1560); the Bishop's Bible (1568); and the King James Version (1611). The English language has become the world's dominant language, and just as the lion is the king of beasts, the KJV is the king of bibles. 200+ million of them are in circulation. No other book in history has out printed or out sold the 1611 KJV. No book has even come close.

Out of the mouths of these 200+ million horses come strange "fire" (mistranslated Old Testament), "smoke" (lying apocrypha), and "brimstone" (abominable Greek New Testament). By these three are one-third of OMPP poisoned and killed. The tails of the horsemen with heads like snakes are all of the other conflicting translations of the bible causing confusion and injury. This plague will afflict OMPP for one ashamarah (1), for one day (a day is 18 ashamaroth), for one month (30 days), and for one year (a year is 364 days): i.e. 1 + 18 + 30 + 364 = 413. From the year 6840 (1611 AD) when the KJV was published to 7252 (2023 AD) is 413 inclusive years.

Many OMPP will not be able to accept the above interpretation of the sixth trumpet because of they have been brainwashed to think the 1611 KJV is the word of God, and that word of God must be translated into the oppressor's English. They will refuse to repent.

SEVENTH TRUMPET: this trumpet began to sound in 7057 (1828 AD). This was a 50th year jubilee and the first year of a new 49-year cycle (7 x 7) and a new 294-year cycle (6 x 49). Andrew Jackson defeated Quincy Adams in the U.S. presidential election by a landslide this year and his policies pushed the country down the path towards civil war. Nat Turner (one of the four artisans) also received his visions this year and planned his revolt. It was the year our people in North American slavery started heading down the road of waking up and reclaiming their true identity. The seventh trumpet triggered the seven vials. Each vial is a period of 49 years.

The FIRST VIAL began to be poured out in the year 7057 (1828 AD). Civil War erupted in 7090 (1861 AD). The Confederate government issued two Confederate postage stamps bearing Jackson's portrait during the war. The "noisome and grievous sore" which fell upon the men who had the mark of the beast (the U.S. dollar with the number 616) and worshiped his image (the Great Seal of the United States with the number 616) was the American Civil War (1861-1865). A Pauline Christian editor noticed the significance of the number 616 and how it coded for the Greek name Iesous (Jesus), so he changed the number from 616 to 666 in the early Greek copies.

The SECOND VIAL began to be poured out in the year 7106 (1877 AD). This was a 50th year jubilee and the first year of a new 49-year cycle (7 x 7). This vial period witnessed the First World War from 1914 to 1918. The war mobilized more than 70 million military personnel and over 60 million European civilians. An estimated 16 million deaths were a direct cause of the war, and 50 to 100 million more deaths worldwide caused by genocides and the influenza pandemic. The symbolic "sea" of the world became blood and everything in it died.

The THIRD VIAL began to be poured out in the year 7155 (1926 AD). This was a 50th year jubilee and the first year of a new 49-year cycle (7 x 7). This vial period witnessed the Second World War from 1939 to 1945. This was the deadliest human conflict in history to date.

The FOURTH VIAL began to be poured out in the year 7204 (1975 AD). This was a 50th year jubilee and the first year of a new 49-year cycle (7 x 7). We are currently living in the days of the Seventh Trumpet and the Fourth Vial. This period witnessed the return of the divine name YA'OH back into the world via a ravenous bird in the islands of the far east. Like the sun rising from the east at sunrise the return of the name is like great scorching heat and the men who reject the name are being scorched by its fire and they are blaspheming the name. This was prophesied in Yashai-Ya'oh 30:27-28, 41:25, and 46:11.

The FIFTH VIAL will begin to be poured out in the year 7253 (2024 AD). This will be the next 50th year jubilee and the first year of a new 49-year cycle (7 x 7). The "seat of the beast," which is the United States of America, will be plunged into a darkness at some point during this 49-year period. OMPP who understand the prophetic times will exit the Amerikkkas and move to the wilderness in the far east where the name YA'OH rose like the sun at sunrise, before darkness and pain descends and grips the United States of America.

The SIXTH VIAL will begin to be poured out in the year 7302 (2073 AD). The great river Euphrates, symbolizing the political powers blocking the chosen people from returning to the promised land, will begin to dry up. Then the "kings of the east" who are none other than the chosen people restored to power in the wilderness islands of the far east will return to their land and take possession of it forever.

The SEVENTH VIAL will begin to be poured out in the year 7351 (2122 AD). The first year of this 49-year period is the first year of the chosen people being back in their own land again. They will strengthen the covenant, clean up the land, and rebuild the altar. This long-awaited time of blessing will last 1,335 days according to Danay'al 12:12. Then our enemies will form a great coalition (Gog and Magog) and attack us in our land and pollute the altar for 1,290 days of great tribulation. The chosen people will have the power to fight back, and this war will be unlike anything the world has ever seen. The periods of 1,335 days + 1,290 days is a week of seven years. This is the 70th week mentioned by Danay'al 9:27. YA'OH will come, and every eye will see Him, and He will put an end to this war. His chosen people will then inherit the kingdom and rule this world forever.

Don't agree? Then don't just say I'm wrong and run away like a coward. Be a man and give us your breakdown so everyone can compare and analyze both for themselves. My breakdown comes from the one Above All, the man who I serve. His name is YA'OH
Always has been. Always will be.


A Book Sealed with Seven Seals