A Tale of Two Cities

Yashai-Ya'oh (Isaiah) 23:15-18

Behold, the land of Chashdaym.
This nation became not.
Ashor founded it for wild beasts of the wilderness.
They set up its towers.
They stripped the palaces of it.
He put her to ruin.
Wail out loud, you ships of Tharshaysh: for laid waste is your strength.
And it will come to pass in that day, Tyre will be neglected 70 years,
according to the days of one king.
At the end of 70 years it will be for Tyre like a song of the prostitute.
Take the chanor, go round the city, oh prostitute neglected!
Cause good melodies, sing many songs so that you will be remembered.
And it will come to pass, at the end of 70 years, YA'OH will visit Tyre,
and return she will to her prostitute’s hire, and she will do prostitution
with all the kingdoms of the world upon the face of the earth.
But it will be that her merchandise and her prostitute’s hire is set apart
unto YA'OH. Not will it be treasured and not will it be laid up.
For to the ones dwelling before YA'OH will her prostitute’s hire be,
to eat to the fullness, and for splendid attire. ---------------------------------------------------- Problem #1: The Neo-Assyrians captured and ruled Chashdaym (ancient Babylonia), taking away its independence, but they never destroyed it and put it to ruin. It was never their policy to depopulate Babylon or make it cease to exist. At no point in the life of the prophet Yashai-Ya'oh (Isaiah) did Babylon ever become non-existent. Problem #2: The city of Tyre is still here and still inhabited to this day. Not even Alexander the Great’s conquest of the city could bring it to extinction. The city is not supposed to be completely wiped off the map, and never to exist any more, until after the time YA'OH has been sanctified in His people by gathering them out of the lands of their captivity and also bringing them back to their own land again. This is clearly stated by the prophet Ya'oh-khazak-al (Ezekiel) at the very end of his lengthy condemnation of Tyre (Ezekiel 26 - 28:25-26). These problems present us with two options: either Yashai-Ya'oh is a false prophet, or his prophecy is being fulfilled in ways unexpected by both Jewish and Christian commentators of the bible. According to the text, the prophet does not view the ancient Assyrians as reducing Babylon to ruins, and leaving it utterly waste and uninhabited. That never happened. Rather, the prophet views ancient Babylon as eventually coming to an end which did take place during the Muslim conquest in the 7th century AD. Then, at a subsequent date, a new version of Babylon is to be founded by Ashor, but what they establish will come to be occupied by wild beasts of the wilderness. These wild beasts are the ones who set up the towers of the new Babylon. They will also be the ones who strip the palaces of the new Babylon, and then HE will ruin it. You should already know where this is going. If you don’t --- come to class.

The United States of America is modern-day Babylon. This is not up for a debate. It was founded by the so-called native Indians. These Indians are "Ashor," descendants of Yaktan (Joktan). Yet the country they founded scarcely had any national existence until colonizers from Europe, also descendants of Yaktan, had black slaves brought by ships to its shores, slaves who produced the manpower without which the economic infrastructure and fundamental facilities of the country could not have been raised up. These black slaves are the "wild beasts of the wilderness" in the prophecy. The economic and organizational infrastructure are the "towers" they set up. At some point, these slaves will strip the country of its wealth; and then "HE," a 3rd person masculine singular entity, who can be none other than YA'OH, their deity, will turn the country into a ruin. The ships of Tharshaysh (Tarshish) were the most powerful merchant ships of old which did business with ancient Tyre. Today the most powerful merchant ships are the ones owned and operated by the United States of America. When these ships wail and howl, because America, the source of their strength, is plunged into a darkness, that is when Tyre will begin to be neglected and suffer the want of attention for 70 years. One king will commence his reign at that same point in time, and his reign will endure for the same number of years. His years as king will run parallel to the time Tyre is neglected for 70 years. At the conclusion of these 70 years Tyre will experience a re-birth and return to her former greatness and her former glory. YA'OH is going to visit Tyre and make her powerful and tremendously prosperous once again, but all the wealth Tyre will heap up during her final moments of glory will be taken away and set apart unto YA'OH. It will be put to use by His people who by now are back in their own land again.

This will be the complete end of Tyre. It will also be the end of the United States of America. The children of black slaves, the wild beasts of the wilderness, will have their revenge on both of these whores.

Forget that nonsense, historical fiction written by Charles Dickens in 1859, and pay careful attention instead to the words of the prophets of the one who is Above All.

His name is YA'OH
Always has been. Always will be.


A Tale of Two Cities