Class Schedule and New Platform!

Download LARK suites: Find your local time-zone below and see you in class!!! WEEKLY MAIN SHABATH CLASS Room ID: 873452174 Yom Ha-Shabath (Saturday/Sunday) 17th ashamarah (Madbar 3:16 AM) *Sun 12th ashamarah (CEST 8:16 PM) 11th ashamarah (EEST 9:16 PM) 10th ashamarah (GMT 7:16 PM) 9th ashamarah (SRT 4:16 PM) 7th ashamarah (EST 2:16 PM) 6th ashamarah (CST 1:16 PM) 6th ashamarah (MST 12:16 PM) 5th ashamarah (PST 11:16 AM) 4th ashamarah (AST 10:16 AM) 3rd ashamarah (HAST 9:16 AM) 3rd ashamarah (NZDT 8:16 AM) *Sun WEEKLY BEGINNERS SHABATH CLASS WITH GHAZ-YA'OH & YA'OHSHOB NASHAY' LA-MATAH APARAYM Room ID: 263414951 Yom Ha-Shabath (Saturday/Sunday) 15th ashamarah (Madbar 12:36 AM) *Sun 10th ashamarah (CEST 5:36 PM) 9th ashamarah (EEST 6:36 PM) 8th ashamarah (GMT 4:36 PM) 7th ashamarah (SRT 1:36 PM) 5th ashamarah (EST 11:36 AM) 4th ashamarah (CST 10:36 AM) 4th ashamarah (MST 10:36 AM) 3rd ashamarah (PST 8:36 AM) 2nd ashamarah (AST 7:36 AM) 1st ashamarah (HAST 6:36 AM) 1st ashamarah (NZDT 5:36 AM) *Sun