Dumb & Dumber Wilderness Doctrines

Real quick A land does not "wail". People do. Thorah 5 (Deuteronomy) 32:10 is talking about the state and the condition of the people who arrive in the second wilderness. They arrive in a wasted desolate state, but they will not remain that way. People looking for a reason to stay put in Amerikkka need to ask questions out in the open light instead of relying upon their own assumptions in the dark. ימצאהו.בארץ.מדבר.ובתהו.ילל.ישמן.יסבבנהו.יבוננהו. יצרנהו.כאישון.עינו. "He will find him in a land of a wilderness, and in a wasted condition, the one wailing (participle, 3pms absolute) in a wilderness; He will lead him about; He will instruct him; and He will keep him as the pupil of His eye."

Again, this verse talks about the people, collectively called "him" in the 3rd person masculine singular. It says he will be in a wasted condition and wailing (as a result of all the curses) when he arrives in the wilderness. It is not describing the land of the wilderness where he is going. Who in their right mind would move to a land that is incapable of supporting any life at all? Let any wanna-be grammarian who thinks the above translation is wrong, prove it wrong openly. I'll wait.

Next up, Maycha (Micah) 4:10-11. Here's another example of simple minds thinking that an English translation made in the year 1611 is all you need. חולי.וגחי.בת־.ציון.כיולדה.כי.־עתה.תצאי.מקריה.ושכנת.בשדה.ובאת.עד.־בבל.שם.תנצלי.שם.יגאלך.יהוה.מכף.איביך. verse 10: "Be in pain, and struggle to bring forth, Oh daughter of Tsayon, like a woman in birth pangs: for now you will go out of the fortified city, and you will dwell in the field, and you will go against Babylon; there will you be delivered; there will YA'OH redeem you from the hand of your enemies."

The preposition עד translated in the 1611 Queen James for this verse as "even to" is incorrect. The people exit the fortified city which is the Babylon of their captors and they move to the field which is the wilderness outside of Babylon's borders. In doing so, they go against Babylon because they have rejected her ways and refuse to dwell with her any longer. They'd rather be in the field outside of her geographical borders. They have come out of her physically just as they are told to do by the prophets. Thus, their deliverance takes place in the field which is the wilderness, and not at Babylon because they are not there anymore. The wilderness outside of Babylon is where YA'OH redeems them from the hand of their enemies because He restores them and revives their strength in the wilderness. ועתה.נאספו.עליך.גוים.רבים.האמרים.תחנף. ותחז.בציון.עינינו. verse 11: "And now, they that were gathered (passive verb, basic stem, 3pmp perfect tense) upon you, many peoples, the ones saying: 'Let her be defiled, and let our eyes look into Tsayon.'"

This prophecy has been unfolding since the day we were evicted from our land in the 1st century AD. Heathen nations have moved in "upon" our land and have defiled it. They have been peeking around every corner and putting their noses where they do not belong, digging up our artifacts, and plundering our ancient palaces and tombs. But verses 12-13 say they are ignorant of the thoughts of YA'OH and that He has gathered them into the land to be destroyed by His people after they leave the second wilderness and return to reclaim the land.

The simple minded idea that there is no wilderness at all, or that Tanzania in East Africa is the wilderness, or that flooded Tennesee is the wilderness, is ridiculous and is based on comical illiteracy and ignorance of the scriptures. We do not go straight from the lands of our captivity to the holy land non-stop. The process includes a stop over in the second wilderness which is located outside of the lands of our captors, just like there was a stop over in the first wilderness located outside the geographical boundaries of Matsraym in the first Exodus in 1497 BC.

His name is YA'OH
Always has been. Always will be.

Dumb & Dumber Wilderness Doctrines