Get Off The Merry-Go-Round

The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome, right? So why do our people keep doing the same things over and over and over and over and over and over?

What has attention seeking, fist raising, marching (unarmed or armed), protesting, rioting, kneeling, or street preaching ever accomplished for the masses of OMPP and their plight? Not a damn thing. Not one tangible thing. Not unless you naively believe the right to vote for people who do absolutely nothing for you once elected into office, or the right to go to the same schools, or eat in the same restaurants, and live in the same neighborhoods as the people who dominant the society and dictate all the rules, is progress. Is it? Is assimilation progress?

Assimilation is how the dominant within a society want the oppressed among them to quantify and measure progress. Because it is to their advantage not yours. The more you strive to be accepted within the society of the oppressor the more you promote and further undergird the supremacy of their system, a system which does not have nor ever will have a genuine concern or interest in you and in the well being your people as a whole. In fact, quite the opposite. You've been successfully mass brainwashed to measure progress from a position of weakness, without bargaining chips, and without leverage of any kind. You measure progress by how much money you can earn in their economy, the types of jobs they can offer you after you've finished their schools, and the lifestyle you can achieve in their society if you just work hard and play by their rules. Yet they measure you very differently, even the wealthiest of you. They measure you by how well you can entertain them, and how you can enrich them. You have no intrinsic value to them beyond these two things, and to the degree you are able to satisfy these interests is the degree to which they will allow you to participate and benefit in their society. Your "leaders" are hand-picked by them. Your leaders are actors, athletes, entertainers, and TV talk show personalities (oh yes, people with opinions that really matter!). Obama is not the descendant of slaves brought by ships. But you rallied behind him anyway not realizing how you were being carefully mass manipulated once again; duped into measuring progress by acceptance and by assimilation. And yet, Obama is not even your people on either side of his family tree. You've had your "black" president, they say, now can you please just shut up and dribble? Yes, that is what they are saying, and in many cases straight to your face. This is the merry-go-round they have had you on since the end of slavery. You are not allowed to define "progress" the same way they do, because if you do, you are a threat to their system if you stay among them. Real progress, measured by the fully emancipated mind, is total self-determination, total control of a monetary system, land ownership, total control of a judicial system, total control of production, farming, and manufacturing, total control of education, and total control of a military which will defend its people and defend the institutions they fully own and operate. Can you see the worried and horrified look on your oppressor's faces after reading the above paragraph? It's what made them bomb the Greenwood district in Tulsa before things got out of their control. And yet, all of these things I mention are things they take completely for granted -- but only for themselves and for their children. All of this is enshrined in the temple of American nostalgia they proudly call the Declaration of Independence. And what was that all about? Taxes. Taxation without representation. Not lynchings. Not Jim Crow. Not police killings. Not mass incarceration. Not gentrification. Not Tuskegee. Taxes. That's all it took for them to say give me liberty or give me death. And here you are begging them for a seat at their table instead of valuing your life and the lives of your children the same way they have valued theirs since 1776. It doesn't matter if you literally stand up for the pledge of allegiance. If you stay among them in their stolen back yard, if you live by their system, if you send your kids to their schools, if you work at their companies, if you buy their goods and services, if you play for their teams, if you keep speaking their language and you continue to embrace their culture and their religions, if you assimilate, then you are pledging allegiance whether you choose to realize it or not. Raise your fists if you want. Shout black lives matter at the top of your lungs if you want. Kneel on national TV if you want. March, again, if you want. Destroy the neighborhoods you live in but you do not own, again, if you want. None of it matters. None of it changes anything. It's just more of the same yappity-yap, and more of the same merry-go-round where you, much like a lobotomized mental patient, have been conditioned to act out like a child and to think that somehow things can change and things can be different if you just --- do it again. Around and around you go. The prophets foresaw that you would end up in this quagmire, in a strange land, and that eventually you would have to grow up and collectively make an adult decision. קומו.ולכו.כי.לא־.זאת.המנוחה. בעבור.טמאה.תחבל.וחבל.נמרץ. "Get up and get out! For this is not a resting place, because it is polluted. It will destroy you, even with a sore destruction" (Maycha [Micah] 2:10).

It is time for you to leave the plantation and gather yourselves together elsewhere and build yourselves up. It is time for you to start thinking and measuring progress the same way your oppressor does or you will continue being destroyed in that land. The Ala'aym of your forefathers has given you the potential to be not just great, but the greatest nation on earth. That is what He will make you. You just have to trust Him, TRUST HIM, obey His voice, and get off the merry-go-round.

His name is YA'OH
Always has been. Always will be.


Get Off The Merry-Go-Round