Ghabaray Thaiodah Restored

לתורה.ולתעודה.אם־.לא.יאמרו.כדבר.הזה.אשר.אין־.לו.שחר. "To the Thorah and to the Thaiodah. If they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them" (Yashai-Ya'oh [Isaiah] 8:20). Magdal Ghadar humbly presents the restored Thaiodah ('testimony') of the prophets. The Book of YA'OH that we are commanded to seek out, as per the order given in Yashai-Ya'oh 34:16, is the Thorah that Mashah wrote and only those supplementary books of the prophets that meet the criteria that the prophet Mashah laid down in the Thorah. A book must not contradict anything that Mashah wrote. It must not subtract from, nor add to, the laws that Mashah wrote. It must not alter but repeat and echo what Mashah wrote. It must also follow the example of Mashah by invoking the name YA'OH or quote YA'OH's words verbatim. If a book does not meet these standards it has no place in the Book of YA'OH next to the holy Thorah.

The Book of YA'OH is not a duplicate of the standard Jewish Masoretic Text with a different script style. There are over 500 major and minor textual differences between it and the Masoretic Text. The Book of YA'OH is produced by and for the people it speaks about -- OMPP. It is prophecy fulfilled.

So what's the difference?

For example, if you read Yaram-Ya'oh (Jeremiah) 27:1-3 you will notice that there is a mistake in verse 1. The name of the king should be "Tsadak-Ya'oh" (Zedekiah) and not "Ya'oh-yakaym" (Jehoiakim). The whole chapter is talking about Tsadak-Ya'oh not his predecessor. The prophet Yaram-Ya'oh is not the one who made this mistake when he wrote his book. A much later copyist made this scribal mistake by accident. When Christians made the Greek translation of this book they also noticed this mistake, but instead of fixing it they deleted verse 1 completely! Unlike the Greek version, this mistake is reproduced in almost every other version of the Bible, including the 1611 Queen James Virus (KJV). The only "Hebrew Bible" where you are going to find the correction in the pure language of the paleo Ghabaray script is in the Book of YA'OH. Due to the large size and the format the Thaiodah is printed in two volumes. Volume 1 includes the following books: Ya’ohshai (aka Joshua) Ghamos (aka Amos) Hoshai (aka Hosea) Ya’ohnah (aka Jonah) Nakhom (aka Nahum) Maychah (aka Micah) Yashai-Ya’oh (aka Isaiah) Tsapan-Ya’oh (aka Zephaniah) Yaram-Ya’oh (aka Jeremiah) Danay-al (aka Daniel) Ya’oh-khazak-al (aka Ezekiel) Khabakok (aka Habbakuk) Ya’oh-al (aka Joel) Khag-Ya’oh (aka Haggai) Zachar-Ya’oh (aka Zechariah) Malach-Ya’oh (aka Malachi) Ghabad-Ya’oh (aka Obadiah) Volume 2 will include the following books: Sapar Ma’arath (Khanoch 72-84) Ay-ob (aka Job) Shapataym (aka Judges) Roth (aka Ruth) Shamo-al (aka 1 & 2 Samuel) Malachaym (aka 1 & 2 Kings) Mazmor (aka Psalms) Mashlay (aka Proverbs) Aychah (aka Lamentations) Dabaray ha-yamaym (aka 1 & 2 Chronicles) Ghazar’a/Nakham-Ya’oh (aka Ezra/Nehemiah) Mathath-Ya’oh (Restored Ghabaray Matthew) Khazon (Restored Ghabaray Revelation) Thaiodah volume 1 is now available in hardcover and softcover options. Hardcover Laminated Softcover Laminated Free shipping. *Shipping from the Philippines during this pandemic is usually within 3-4 weeks. Questions? Please inbox us at: His name is YA'OH
Always has been. Always will be.


Ghabaray Thaiodah Restored