I will restore to you

והגזם.חילי.הגדול.אשר.שלחתי.בכם. "And I will restore to you the years which the arbah, the yalak, and the khasayl, and the gazam consumed; my great army which I sent against you" (Ya'oh-al [Joel] 2:25). According to Ya'oh-al 1:4, the four different species of locusts devoured Ya'ohsharal in the following order: the gazam came first; then the arbah came after the gazam; then the yalak came after the arbah; then the khasayl came after the yalak.

The "great army" is the Fourth Kingdom upon earth, i.e. Christendom which is what the Roman Empire became in 313 CE. It is the Roman Empire with its idol god Jesus Christ. The nations of Roman Christendom are located in the "north" (Ya'oh-al 2:20).

In the period before it became Christendom (36 BCE - 313 CE) the Fourth Kingdom upon earth put us under Herodian-Edomite rule in our own land in 36 BCE, and later destroyed our nation in the year 70 CE which drove us into Africa. But it was not finished with us. After the Fourth Kingdom upon earth declared itself to be Christian in 313 CE, and after it emerged from the Dark Ages, it swarmed out of Europe as locusts in the Age of Expansion. We were collected into West Africa from various places by that time and those locusts came in waves and bartered with the local West African kingdoms and their elite in order to bring us by ships to the land of pyramids in the New World as their slaves.

The languages of those Christendom nations involved in the trans-Atlantic slave trade are Latin-influenced and can be categorized into four groups:

West Iberian (Spanish, Portuguese)
West Germanic (English, Dutch)
Gallo-Romance (French)
South Scandinavian (Danish)

During the years 1519 and 1868 the distribution of slaves shipped by these locusts directly from West Africa to the Americas during 27,233 slave voyages was 56% for the West Iberians, 30.1% for the West Germanics, 13.6% for the Gallo-Romance, and 0.3% for the South Scandinavians. Hence the arbah consumed after the gazam, the yalak consumed after the arbah, and the khasayl consumed after the yalak.

The prophet declares that the years the locusts have consumed will be repaid. That means everything we've lost during the years of the Fourth Kingdom upon earth is coming back to us. What have we lost so far during the time of the Fourth Kingdom upon earth? The tabernacle, the priesthood, the sacrifices, etc. We also lost our land, but before we can repossess our land we must gather ourselves into the wilderness. It is in the wilderness where we will find the "pastures" (Ya'oh-al 2:22) necessary to establish our righteousness. It is in the wilderness where we will rebuild the tabernacle, restore the priesthood, and resume the sacrifices. The breastplate with its 12 precious gemstones will be worn by a high priest of our people once again. Ahran (Aaron) put it on in the first wilderness. His descendant, a man from his paternal lineage, will also put it on in the second wilderness. The restoration in the second wilderness will change the world and trigger the collapse of the Fourth Kingdom.

I am telling you what I have learned from Him in the pure language.

His name is YA'OH
Always has been. Always will be.


I will restore to you