So you went from being a black Christian to being a black "Hebrew" Israelite, but nothing has really changed in terms of the doctrine you subscribe to. You still believe in the pagan idol god-man of the satanic Greek New Testament. You never really left the church and its fake religion at all.

Fake religion keeps people under the control of the wicked. A prison yard without bars or locks. It gives people something to do and something to feel good about on a regular (weekly) basis. It keeps them thinking about a life after death instead of life here and now. It gives them a sense of direction, and purpose, and makes them strive to be good law abiding and tax paying citizens. They become assets. Even if some of these assets are being victimized by the system, the most they will do is complain and shout. They will never actually seek to overthrow the system. They instead will defend it. Their fake religion gives them this subconscious mandate.

Real religion, on the other hands, plots to subdue and to destroy the wicked and turn this world's system upside down and on its head. The Ala'aym at the center of real religion will establish the kingdom for His chosen race of people in the here and now, not some fantasy hereafter in the sky, once His people start to love and obey Him with all their heart and all their soul. Real religion is actively preparing to put the wicked into cages just like those humans in the Planet of the Apes were all put in cages, along with all of the their beliefs and their idolatry with them. That's what's coming. That's where this world is headed. That's how the story ends.

His name is YA'OH
Always has been. Always will be.