Keep Them

Keep them laughing at their own comedians who we allow them to have, and who we tell them what jokes they can or cannot say.

Keep them dancing to the music we allow them to make.

Keep them putting each other down constantly in the music we allow them to make.

Keep them killing each other in the neighborhoods we allow them to live in.

Keep them distracted by rooting for their own athletes and celebrities who we allow to become rich and famous.

Keep them poor.

Keep them from being home owners.

Keep them living in low income projects and housing developments.

Keep them from having access to capital.

Keep them going to jail in mass numbers.

Keep them reading bibles we translate into our language and we distribute.

Keep them believing in our god. It doesn't matter if they paint him black.

Keep them speaking our language.

Keep them in broken homes without a father.

Keep them dependent on narcotics.

Keep them speaking truth to power while power rolls its eyes and yawns.

Keep them tied up in our court rooms and in our legal system.

Keep them sick and dependent on the hospitals and health care professionals that only we can provide.

Keep as many of them uneducated, illiterate, and as ignorant as possible. The educated ones will be assimilated or eliminated.

Keep them belittling and objectifying their own women.

Keep their women the breadwinners in their homes.

Keep them emotionally immature and prone to overreact.

Keep them chasing false dreams by giving them a black president who is not even one of them and does not even have a drop of OMPP blood in his veins.

Keep them marching, and protesting, and believing change is still possible.

Keep them aborting their babies.

Keep them begging to be accepted.

Keep taunting them to go back to Africa (even though we don't really mean it) if they don't like it here.

KEEP THEM HERE where we can continue using them however we see fit, and enrich ourselves at their expense, just like we've been doing for the past 500+ years.


Keep Them