Renew Your Strength Old Woman

Yashai-Ya'oh (Isaiah) 46:1-13

"Bows down Bel! Stoops down Nabo! They were their standing images upon the beasts, and upon cattle! Your carriages are heavy laden! A burden to the weary! They stooped down! They bow down together! They could not deliver the burden, but their souls into captivity have they gone!"

Bel and Nabo were the chief gods of the Babylonian religion. Their temples were at the heart of the ancient city of Babylon. These verses 1-2 are saying that the religion of the ancient Babylonians would be destroyed and their gods carried off never to return. Do you know when that happened? It did not happen until the Muslim conquest in the mid-7th century AD. You are supposed to know this. "Listen to me, house of Ya'oh-ghakab, and all the REMNANT of the house of Ya'ohsharal, the ones borne by Me from the belly, the ones carried from the womb."

He tells you to listen to Him after just telling you that ancient Babylon would be utterly destroyed because what He is about to say in the next verses pertains to the period AFTER the fall of ancient Babylon.

"Even until female old age, I am He. Even until the hoary head of a woman advanced in age, I will bear you. I made, and I will carry, and I will bear, and I will deliver."

Why is He calling the nation an old grey headed woman? Why does He keep repeating that He carries her? Because by the time these words become relevant, by the time they actually mean something to you and you can understand them for the first time, the nation will be spent. It will be old, wasted, and in need major assistance like an elderly woman in a nursing home. After all you've been through, you need a wheelchair and a stretcher.

"To whom will you like Me, and you all make them equal, and compare Me, so we may be alike?"

Why does this old grey headed woman need to hear this? Because that's what she does all day in her nursing home (the lands of her captivity in the New World). She is constantly trying put her Jesus, her Yahawashi, her Yahoshua, or her Yahusha, or whatever, on the same stage with Him. Like a partner. He has no equal, none, zero, zilch, nadda! And He has no partner! You need to be told this now, old woman, again and again and again because in your advanced age you've forgotten. You need a "Notebook" and someone to read it back to you over and over to help you snap out of it. Your Maker is ONE and there is no one else but Him.

"They spare no expense in gold out the bag, and silver in the balance they weigh out. They hire a jeweler and he makes it a god. They fall down, yes, they worship it. They lift it upon the shoulder. They bear it, and set it in its place, and it stands. From its place it will not be moved, yes, he will cry out to it, but it doesn't answer; from his trouble not will it save him."

OMPP, you have history behind you now. You can look back and see for yourself that He has kept His word. He did exactly to ancient Babylon and their gods what He said He would do in verses 1-2. You think He took His time and did all that so He could then turn around and watch you cling for dear life to an idol that you learned to love after being brainwashed in your oppressor's religion and by his satanic Greek NT book?

Our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents who passed on didn't know any better. But you do. Don't worry about them. He's a just and merciful judge. It's you you should be worried about. You with the super information highway at your fingertips. "Remember this you all, and show yourselves to be men. Bring it, oh transgressors, to mind!"

Now He wants the old grey haired woman to be a man. Face the past, acknowledge what happened, call it to mind. Be men and be ready to take action like men. "Remember the former things of old. For I am Al and there is none else. Ala'aym! And there is none like me!"

How can you remember the things of old if you cannot tell when things happened and how long its been since they happened? You let a European man convince you something is billions of years old but scoff at YA'OH when His Thorah says heaven and earth and everything in them are only thousands of years old? You're calling Him a liar. You have another ala'aym over Him. This message is not for you. But just so we are clear about the "god" you serve and one I serve, and their differences... "The one declaring from the beginning, the end. And from ancient times that which is not yet done. The one saying my counsel will stand, and all my pleasure will I do."

You see the real Ala'aym called all of this long before it happened. He did it so that when it happened you'd know it was Him. Are the people who call themselves "Jews" and "Israelites" and by the world, did they come across the Middle Passage as slaves in slave ships during slavery? Nope. You did. Are the people who call themselves "Jews" and "Israelites" and by the world, are they steeped in the worship of gold and silver idols of an oppressor? Nope. You are. Didn't all of this occur AFTER the fall of ancient Babylon in the mid-7th century AD. Yep. Anybody else call this in advance besides YA'OH? Nope.

"Calling from the East, a ravenous bird, the man who executes my counsel from a far off country: yea, I have spoken it, I will surely bring it to pass; I have fashioned, yea I will do it."

And now this. You don't believe this is me? No problem. But it cannot be Cyrus of Persia because the ravenous bird does not come until after ancient Babylon falls according to verses 1-2 and it did not fall until the mid-7th century AD. So if the ravenous bird is not me then we are still waiting.

But what's the point of a ravenous bird appearing way out in the far east, and coming when the old grey haired woman is at her day's end (i.e. end of her curses)? Why does the bird of prey only become an issue when the old woman is told to be a man and to get rid of her idolatry? Because the ravenous bird is where the nation needs to go in order to be fully restored after it wakes up. Her salvation, the renewal of her strength, is linked to the wilderness. He put a ravenous bird there ahead of you to show you the way so you would not be out here wondering where to go. "Listen to me, you stouthearted! The ones far from righteousness! I bring near my righteousness. It will not be far, and my salvation it will not tarry. I will place salvation in Tsayon for Ya'ohsharal my glory."

He calls you stouthearted and far from righteousness because He knew what your initial reaction would be. He knew you'd scoff and come up with excuses to justify your wicked behavior and your false doctrines. Your idolatry and the familiar surroundings of your oppressor's stolen back yard are a warm and comfy security blanket to you, and you don't want to let either one of them go in your stubborn old age. Doesn't matter. His plans cannot be undone.

Tsayon (Zion) is the "woman" and He is causing those who belong to her to go to the wilderness in the far east where the name YA'OH is being proclaimed by a ravenous bird. That is where He will renew her strength, make her His wife again, and where He will make the New Covenant with her. Not before.

His name is YA'OH
Always has been. Always will be.


Renew Your Strength Old Woman