They Will Appoint One Chief

ונקבצו.בני־.יהודה.ובני־.ישראל.יחדו.ושמו.להם.ראש.אחד.ועלו.מן־.הארץ.כי.גדול.יום.יזרעאל. "And shall be gathered the children of Ya'ohdah and the children of Ya'ohsharal together, and they will appoint for themselves one chief, and they will go up out from the land, for great is the day of Ya'oh-zarai-al" (Hoshai [Hosea] 1:11).

None of the churches or the black hebrew israelite christian camps with 1611 Queen James Bibles talk about this verse. Ever. I find that very strange. You should too. Is it just me or is this verse talking about an EXODUS?

Does it not say in the previous verse, Hoshai 1:10, that the tribes would be living in a land of captivity where their true identity would be denied, but then at a later point their true identity would be acknowledged in that very same place where it had been denied? Do you see this or is it just me?

Didn't OMPP come to the land of pyramids in the Amerikkkas in slave ships where their true identity was denied? You were considered to be just a bunch of black savages with no real culture and no real history. You were slaves in Afrikkka before coming to Amerikkka on those ships and Afrikkkans looked at you the same way, and they still do.

Isn't it also true that beginning in the 19th century your true identity began to come forth, little by little, until now we are at the point in this 21st century where white people all over Amerikkka are going out of their way to tell you that you are the chosen people? And just WHERE are they telling you this? Is it not in THE SAME PLACE where your true identity had been denied?

So why isn't anybody talking about Hoshai (Hosea) 1:11 when this is clearly the next thing we are to expect to happen now that the prophecy in Hoshai 1:10 is already happening? Why isn't anybody gathering our tribes together and preparing them for an EXODUS, that is except for a ravenous bird?

There is no such thing as "Jez-reel" (nor "Yiz-re-el" as Ashkenazi Jews pronounce it). The correct pronunciation of יזרעאל is Ya'oh-zarai-al which is a vocative that means: "YA'OH, the deity who sowed/planted." The "great day of Ya'oh-zarai-al" is when the EXODUS begins and the remnant is sowed/planted by YA'OH in the second wilderness. That's where you will obtain mercy, no more curses, and where you will be transformed into a mighty people, a people who will repo the promised land in the Levant and take down nations that stand in your way.

So real talk time. If a ravenous bird is not the one whom the tribes themselves appoint to be their one chief, to lead this EXODUS in these days as prophesied by Hoshai 1:11, then kindly point this chief out by name to me and to others, and then show and prove so a ravenous bird can follow that man. Where he at? As per Yashai-Ya'oh 41:25, he has to be a man from the north who re-introduces the true name of the one Above All in the far east where the sun rises.

It's easy for scoffers to scoff and just say that I'm wrong and that I'm a false prophet, but what they will never do is explain what Hoshai 1:11 means if my explanation of it is supposedly wrong. They wont do that. That's because they don't know. They don't know because they don't obey the one who I obey.

His name is YA'OH
Always has been. Always will be.


They Will Appoint One Chief