Times Up

Yashai-Ya'oh (Isaiah) 30:26 והיה.אור־.הלבנה.כאור.החמה.ואור.החמה.יהיה.שבעתים. כאור.שבעת.הימים. ביום.חבש.יהוה.את־.שבר.עמו.ומחץ.מכתו.ירפא. "And it will be that the light of the moon is like the light of the sun, and the light of the sun will be sevenfold, like the light of seven days, in the day YA'OH is the one binding up the bruise of His nation, and He will heal the stroke of their beating."

This prophecy is obviously not literal. If the moon's light were ever to increase to the intensity of the sun's light, and if the sun's light were ever to be increased sevenfold the earth would literally burn up.

Enter basic math: the biblical calendar year is 364 days (52 weeks). In order for the "light of the moon" to be as the "light of the sun" you need to have 3,636 mean synodic months in the course of 294 years, which amounts to 107,373 lunar days (3,636 x 29.53059). That's roughly the number of days it takes for the light of the moon to be as the light of the sun, because the sun accumulates 107,380 days in the course of 294 years (365.24 x 294).

In other words, the lunar equivalent of the biblical 364-day calendar in 294 years is 3,636 mean lunar months.

Therefore, the "light of the sun" is a 294-year period because that's how many years it takes for a 364-day calendar to re-align and harmonize with the sun's motion after 364 days (52 weeks) have been added to the calendar in the course of 294 years (364 x 294 + 364 = 107,380).

When you multiply the "light of the sun" sevenfold the resulting figure is 2,058 years (294 x 7). The figure 2,058 years is 42 jubilee cycles of 49 years each (42 x 49).

What this scripture, an encrypted message in a bottle, is telling you is that YA'OH will begin to bind up the bruise of His nation and heal the stroke of their beating after a period of 2,058 years of bruises and beatings have run their course over our people.

When did a period of 2,058 years of bruises and beatings of our people begin?

When the EDOMITE Herod the Great captured Yaroshalam (Jerusalem) with the aid of the Romans in 36 BCE. An Edomite became king over you in your own land and you have been bruised, beaten, and wounded ever since.

These beatings have followed you all the way to the land of pyramids in the New World where YA'OH brought all 13 tribes of you by ships to make you collectively suffer Egyptian-style slavery all over again. And your beatings didn't stop with Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, did they?

You are currently living in the 42nd jubilee cycle. It began in 1975. It ends in 2023. That's why the holy name YA'OH returned towards the end of this period (4th vial) and blazed out from the far east where the sun rises via a ravenous bird.

His name is YA'OH
Always has been. Always will be.