You've Been Scammed

There once was this guy, stop me if you've heard this one, who wanted to make his girlfriend really happy. So he went and bought her a brand new Luis Vuitton bag, or at least he thought it was Luis Vuitton. The look on her face when she opened the gift wrapping went from happy and excited to disgust and disbelief, because she knew within a nano-second of looking at the bag that it was not a real Luis Vuitton bag. He had spent hundreds of dollars for a fake and she didn't believe him when he said he had no idea.

She knew instantly that the bag was a fake because things like name brand bags, and what things to look for to determine authenticity, were important to her. She took time to make sure she knew about these things in detail. But none of these things were important to him. He just took it for granted that it had to be real because of the label and he didn't bother to question it. On a scale of 1 to 10 how important are hand bags? Zero. How important are those things you put your faith in that will determine how you live and raise your children? Extremely important. Yet most people treat serious matters presented to them as genuine without ever checking to see if it is valid. They will check closely the ingredients of a food recipe before eating certain foods, but they will not treat their minds with the same level of care that they would their stomachs. The whole world has been told that God Himself came down to earth to be born as a human baby in order to die and save humanity from its sins, and reconcile it back to God. You've all heard the story because the Christian Bible is the most successful book in human history. But is the story true? How would you know? Have you ever checked?

Here is the truth. The details in the right column are what the Greek New Testament has to offer. Like I said, everyone is familiar with these, even if they never attended church or Sunday school. The irony is that none of the books of the Greek New Testament were penned by anybody who knew the man they were idolizing. They never met him. The details in the left column are completely unknown to most people today and that is by design not by accident. This information in the left column is coming from people who actually knew the man personally, i.e. the 1st century Ebionites who wrote the original Hebrew Matthew. The Ebionites rejected the entire Greek New Testament and they repudiated the self-proclaimed apostle Paul who was a member of the Edomite Herodian royal family.

2,000 years ago was not that long ago. The period is very well documented. It is impossible that someone or a group sat down and invented a person of such significance, and just inserted him into Roman occupied Judea in the 1st century AD hoping no one would know. Someone would have blown the whistle very early on. It would not have taken 2,000 years! So the man did in fact exist. The problem is that the truth about him was quickly hi-jacked by people who never knew him and the real story about him was changed and then this twisted version about him was passed off to the world as the truth.

The historical figure was turned into a blasphemous and abominable fiction and the facts were censored by gentile church authorities. Believe it or not but Santa Claus was a real person named Saint Nicholas. He really existed, but the popular story told about him today is completely untrue.

Similarly, you have been duped into buying a fake and counterfeit Christ. You need to go return him today and get your money back.

The truth is coming to light in these days because YA'OH is waking His people up.

His name is YA'OH
Always has been. Always will be.

You've Been Scammed