The Ark of the Covenant

שובו.בנים.שובבים.נאם.־יהוה. כי.אנכי.בעלתי.בכם.ולקחתי. אתכם.אחד.מעיר.ושנים.ממשפחה. והבאתי.אתכ.םציון. "Return children, the ones backsliding, says YA'OH. For I am the one married to you, and I will take you one from a city, and two from a family, and I will bring you to Tsayon" (Yaram-Ya'oh [Jeremiah] 3:14).

This prophecy never happened historically. The return from the Babylonian exile in the 6th century BC (starting in 519 BC) was not one from a city and two from a family. The refugees at that time returned in mass waves of thousands of people (cf. Ezra 2:64-67). The prophesied migration to Tsayon (Zion) one by one and two by two has never happened because it is a future event. It is talking about the Exodus of the remnant out of the land of pyramids in the New World where their ancestors were shipped as slaves during slavery. The Tsayon that is prophesied here is not the literal Tsayon which lies in ruins today. Tsayon in this prophecy is the second wilderness camp. There will not be a mass movement of people all at once to the second wilderness. Instead, YA'OH is going to cause people to move to the wilderness in very small groups, one by one from a city, and two by two from a family. That's His plan, not a televised and dramatic 1 million man march. ונתתי.לכם.רעים.כלבי.ורעו.אתכם.דעה.והשכיל. "And I will give you shepherds like my heart, and they will feed you knowledge and understanding" (Yaram-Ya'oh [Jeremiah] 3:15).

This verse proves that the Tsayon the remnant of Ya'ohsharal will go to is the second wilderness. Before the remnant can return to the promised land, they must first be renewed as a nation and fed in the second wilderness (Maycha [Michah] 7:14). So Yaram-Ya'oh 3:15 is telling us the remnant will have righteous shepherds in the second wilderness who feed them correct knowledge and understanding. No more TD Fakes, Pastor Pork Chop, and Reverend Dollar Dollar Bill. Those days will be over.

Something else will be over as well. והיה.כי.תרבו.ופריתם.בארץ.בימים.ההמה.נאם־.יהוה. לא.־יאמרו.עוד.ארון.ברית.־יהוה.ולא.יעלה.על.־לב. ולא.יזכרו.־בו.ולא.יפקדו.ולא.יעשה.עוד. "And it will come to pass, when you are increased and multiplied in the land in those days, says YA'OH, they will no more say 'the Ark of the Covenant of YA'OH,' and it will not come up upon the heart, and it will not be memorialized, and not sought for, and that will not be done anymore" (Yaram-Ya'oh [Jeremiah] 3:16).

If you read this verse according to the 1611 Queen James Virus translation, it sounds like the ark will become a relic of the past that everyone forgets about and no one will ever talk about it again. This could not be further from the truth. The Queen James Virus is simply inaccurate. What this verse is really saying is that once the remnant has increased in numbers and multiplied in the land of the second wilderness, they will find and recover the lost Ark of the Covenant. There will be no more wondering about where it could be and who has it. There will be no more need to memorialize it with drawings and illustrations. There will be no more talk about going to look for it. Those days will be over, for the remnant living in the wilderness will send out men to find it and they will find it, and it will be with the remnant forever. The game changer.

The world looks at you now as a joke. A bunch of cry baby negroes suffering from an acute identity crisis, and shouting on street corners dressed in purple sheets from Bed&Bath, or dressed like Africa Bambaata and the Village People. And you are indeed a joke right now, and you will remain one for as long as you stay in the lands of your captivity. But when you obey the voice of YA'OH with your whole heart, rid yourself of all forms of idolatry, the most pervasive being Christian Greek New Testament idolatry, and He allows you to find His Holy Ark, the world wont be laughing anymore. The world will become afraid of you, as well it should.

His name is YA'OH
Always has been. Always will be.


The Ark of the Covenant